The Seduction

She was introduced to her Beloved,
Recognition was instant,
The chase was on.

Though there can only be one ending, the race must be run, and compassionate stars, so as not to be bruised by the maelstrom of her pursuit, swing aside, listening.
Her wistful sighs of yearning –
Her cries of joy and agony --
They’re the same.
(The Beloved comprehends and chases because she flees.)
nelladell nelladell
70+, F
2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

<p>So beautifully put. Thank You for sharing another of your talents with us.<br />
Today so much seems so crass. Recently someone wrote:"I chased her until she caught me" : (</P><br />

Yes. Romance with the divine is like romance with a person in many respects. Thanks.

Thank You for being so gentle with my ignorance of your meaning.

Really you give me too much credit. Folks involved in a divine romance are not unfamiliar with such terms as "He chased her until she caught him." It's just that the "he" and "she" don't mean exactly the same thing to them as it does to others. It speaks very well of you that you were not offended, by the way.

Would be foolish indeed, if I were to take offense to one who helps guide me through the darkness.

Darkness? I think not. It's just --

Lol. The thought of our being in darkness reminds me of the guy who answered the question, "Have you ever been lost?" by saying, "Nope. Never. --- Been a mite confused sometimes."

Using your analogy; another answered by saying," Nope. Never..... But I didn't always know where I was."
If I asked everyone the question where does your life fit into the universal plan for man? What do you think I would get for an answer? If we truly knew, do you think we would still be focused on ourselves? We have a large segment of the world's population just trying to survive from one day to the next. We have another segment seeing how many toys they can amass before they die, or how much pleasure they can have.
Yes there are still others that not only see the light, but bring it to others, but the majority are in darkness.
My humble opinion.

I understand your point.

Ever the diplomat :)

Tell that to --

never mind. Thanks.

Sigh. I'm realizing, NOW, that I should have simply realized and admitted that there was no clarity as to whether the romance is human or divine. At any rate, certainly no foul on your part. Cheers.

None on yours either. Should have realized that you are often thinking in much higher realms than most; when I read it in the first place.

how far do you suppose, dear one, that we could take this back and forth? How FUNee.

Not sure..... You are the teacher and have knowledge of things most of us can not comprehend. I am following your lead. I know; "old school" a man was suppose to lead in a dance, but this is not a dance : )

LOL. A DANCE! And I was thinking that that is what it was that we are doing. And, as usual you are giving me too much credit. Anyway, now you have taken me back in time by speaking of 'old school' with relation to dancing because dancing was, to me, the old-fashioned foot-stomping whooping and hollering square dance with a fiddler, a banjo picker and a chorder on the piano. Specifically, what you made me laugh about was the picture of me leading.
See, my favorite call for the square dance ended with the four couples in a circle, man, woman, man, woman all the way around, each girl holding the hand of the two girls in the the couples on either side, with arms behind the backs of the men and the men doing the same with arms behind the girls. Then the circle would whirl faster and faster until we girls lost our footing and were swinging in the air horizontally. So I had this picture of the women keeping their feet while the men were swept off theirs and swinging horizontally. It was a hilarious picture in my head. You should have been there. The men, being taller, brushed aside the watchers and there was some consternation. Yeah. You should have seen what you caused.

Actually I did see it. There was a church group that went square dancing on Saturday night. For about a year I got caught up with them some how and we did have a lot of fun. Have not heard about anyone square dancing in years and it has been almost 50 years since I have, but you brought it all back in amazing clarity.
They were some very good times.... Seems like the world was a different place.... Yet I can remember practicing getting under school desks in case Russia decided to attack.
Thank You for the happy memory though.

Under school desks in case of attack!! You make me feel really old. That was way after my time in school. Sheesh!

Cuban Missile Crisis was in 62. You were not out of school that long before that. If you were you are truly blessed that you are still so vibrant.

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That was beautiful Nell.

thanks for "getting" it.