My Lance Reads Grail

This is from The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell. It is the legend of the Holy Grail what it really means. While this is not my own writing I would like to share it here regardless.

“Libido over Credo”

Libido – the impulse to life. Comes from the heart. The opening up to something else.
Credo – the weight of God, of rules, of societal expectation.

The opening of the heart.

Why was this important in the evolution of the west? Because it gives this accent in the weight of the individual. Validity of one’s individual experience against the monolithic system. This is so much of what defines the west.

The Holy Grail. “The Grail was brought from heaven by the neutral angels.” The Grail becomes that which is attained and realized by people who have lived their own lives. The fulfillment of the highest potentialities of the human consciousness.

The Grail legend:

“The grail King a lovely young man. He rode froth from his castle with the war cry “Amour” and as he rides, a Mohammedan warrior comes from the woods. They joust with their lances. The lance of the Grail King kills the Mohammedan, but the other’s lance castrates the Grail King. What that means is that the Christian separation of matter and spirit, of the dynamism of life and the spiritual, natural grace and supernatural grace, has really castrated nature. And the European life, the European mind, has really been castrated by this. True spirituality has been killed. What did the pagan represent? He was a person from the suburbs of Eden, a nature man and on the head of his lance, was written the word Grail. That is to say Nature intends the grail. Supernatural life is the bouquet of natural life, not a supernatural thing imposed upon it, and so the impulses of nature are what give authenticity of life, not rules given from a supernatural authority. That’s the sense of the Grail. The Grail becomes symbolic of an authentic life lived in terms of its own volition, of its own impulse system which carries it between the pairs of opposites of good and evil of light and dark. Every act has both good and evil results. The best we can do is lean toward the light. Intend the light. And the light is that of harmonious relationships that come with com-passion.”
Phaethon Phaethon
31-35, M
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Always strive for light, or what leads to good outcome.