What Do I Get From My Religion?

I am a Norse Polytheist, and get asked that question a lot, especially by Atheists or Christians hoping to make a convert. I never quite know how to respond to this question. My religion isn't about attaining salvation or enlightenment. It's about giving what is right to the gods and spirits.

Forget the big bad Viking image people have of the Norse. Most were farmers and craftsman, not marauding warriors, and the modern incarnation of our faith reflects this. Personally, I make offerings to the gods to please them, to show that I love them, and to give them what meager aide I can in the running of the universe. I make offerings to the spirits of land, air, water, fire, plants, and animals in gratitude for the gifts they so readily give, and to appease any ones irritated at the horrid way modern man treats them. I make offerings to my ancestors because I loved them in life, and because without them, I would not be here. I do ask for help from the gods now and again, but I do this not to get anything out of them but because it is right to give. Modern humans already take so much from this world without giving anything back that it is almost painful for me to ask for anything of them.

Asking me what I get from my faith is a lot less deep than people think. Asking me what I give would be a more meaningful question.
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Dec 10, 2012