A Hospice Patient

Tonight, I sit with a dying patient for about 3 hours. Somewhere in my time alone with this Hospice Patient I began to breathe the same rythmic patterns as the woman laying beside me. And for a moment, I realized a moment shared between this patient, myself, and breath of life that moves in and out of us all. I realized that life was not in my thoughts on what needed to be done to finish my day, nor was it the inner visions that fill our mind and heart in the dying process. Instead, the real life going on in this sychronized awareness of similar breathing patterns shared with this woman was what brought our lives together on this fate filled night. Life is not in the acquiring of a body, sustaining it, or letting it go. Life is what fills our awareness in what brings all life into being. The Breath. Sam Oliver, author of "Mondays with Mary"
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46-50, M
Jan 12, 2013