Being An Empath - The Keys To The Ferrari

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. It can be divided into ability EI and trait EI. Ability EI is usually measured using maximum performance tests and has stronger relationships with traditional intelligence, whereas trait EI is usually measured using self-report questionnaires and has stronger relationships with personality.

Ability model

Salovey and Mayer's conception of EI strives to define EI within the confines of the standard criteria for a new intelligence. Following their continuing research, their initial definition of EI was revised to "The ability to perceive emotion, integrate emotion to facilitate thought, understand emotions and to regulate emotions to promote personal growth."

The ability-based model views emotions as useful sources of information that help one to make sense of and navigate the social environment. The model proposes that individuals vary in their ability to process information of an emotional nature and in their ability to relate emotional processing to a wider cognition. This ability is seen to manifest itself in certain adaptive behaviors. The model claims that EI includes four types of abilities:

1) Perceiving emotions – the ability to detect and decipher emotions in faces, pictures, voices, and cultural artifacts—including the ability to identify one's own emotions. Perceiving emotions represents a basic aspect of emotional intelligence, as it makes all other processing of emotional information possible.

2) Using emotions – the ability to harness emotions to facilitate various cognitive activities, such as thinking and problem solving. The emotionally intelligent person can capitalize fully upon his or her changing moods in order to best fit the task at hand.

3) Understanding emotions – the ability to comprehend emotion language and to appreciate complicated relationships among emotions. For example, understanding emotions encompasses the ability to be sensitive to slight variations between emotions, and the ability to recognize and describe how emotions evolve over time.

4) Managing emotions – the ability to regulate emotions in both ourselves and in others. Therefore, the emotionally intelligent person can harness emotions, even negative ones, and manage them to achieve intended goals.

Mixed models

The model introduced by Daniel Goleman focuses on EI as a wide array of competencies and skills that drive leadership performance. Goleman's model outlines five main EI constructs.

1) Self-awareness – the ability to know one's emotions, strengths, weaknesses, drives, values and goals and recognize their impact on others while using gut feelings to guide decisions

2) Self-regulation – involves controlling or redirecting one's disruptive emotions and impulses and adapting to changing circumstances.

3) Social skill – managing relationships to move people in the desired direction

4) Empathy - considering other people's feelings especially when making decisions and

5) Motivation - being driven to achieve for the sake of achievement.

Goleman includes a set of emotional competencies within each construct of EI. Emotional competencies are not innate talents, but rather learned capabilities that must be worked on and can be developed to achieve outstanding performance. Goleman posits that individuals are born with a general emotional intelligence that determines their potential for learning emotional competencies.

Turn on, tune in, and drop out

Timothy Leary explained in his 1983 autobiography Flashbacks:

"Turn on" meant go within to activate your neural and genetic equipment. Become sensitive to the many and various levels of consciousness and the specific triggers that engage them. "Tune in" meant interact harmoniously with the world around you - externalize, materialize, express your new internal perspectives. "Drop out" suggested an active, selective, graceful process of detachment from involuntary or unconscious commitments. "Drop Out" meant self-reliance, a discovery of one's singularity, a commitment to mobility, choice, and change. Unhappily my explanations of this sequence of personal development were often misinterpreted to mean "Get stoned and abandon all constructive activity".

Being an empath – The Keys to The Ferrari
Many people have different views on what it takes to be an empath. As a student of esoteric science and the occult (which simply means “hidden knowledge”) I understand that being an empath is more of a “philosophy” than something you are born into. It is an “alignment” in the “context” of how you perceive reality and interact with the energies in life as they pass toward or through you. This “alignment” of the stars of your psychology is believed by some to be set in place at birth. It is not. This is a gross misunderstanding of human nature. The idea that intelligence is set at birth or “predetermined” is also severely misunderstood. Now I must admit, the “chances” of changing your intellectual or emotional alignment are very slim unless you have a great deal of self-awareness and courage to face who you are and the real nature of reality. Fear locks the stars into place in the heavens and keeps the ego in power in the same way the little red ring in the sliding picture puzzles keep you from changing the pieces around to solve it. Facing your fears, seeing reality and not removing yourself from it take priority over all else in life, in my humble opinion.  Doing so gives you the silver thread in which to navigate the dark labyrinth of your soul. It lets you “pull the sword from the stone” as Arthur did and slay the fears myth calls dragons. But before we get too far ahead, what is an empath? Essentially someone who can see or rather "feel" other peoples heart energy and soul.


Adapted from Dr. Judith Orloff’s New York Times Bestseller, “Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life”
“Empaths are highly sensitive, finely tuned instruments when it comes to emotions. They feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less apt to intellectualize feelings. Intuition is the filter through which they experience the world.

The trademark of empaths is that they know where you’re coming from. Some can do this without taking on people’s feelings. However, for better or worse, others, like myself and many of my patients, can become angst-sucking sponges. This often overrides the sublime capacity to absorb positive emotions and all that is beautiful. If empaths are around peace and love, their bodies assimilate these and flourish. Negativity, though, often feels assaultive, exhausting. Thus, they’re particularly easy marks for emotional vampires, whose fear or rage can ravage empaths.

Plus, an empaths sensitivity can be overwhelming in romantic relationships; many stay single since they haven’t learned to negotiate their special cohabitation needs with a partner.

When empaths absorb the impact of stressful emotions, it can trigger panic attacks, depression, food, sex and drug binges, and a plethora of physical symptoms that defy traditional medical diagnosis from fatigue to agoraphobia.” - Dr. Judith Orloff

From The Book of Storms

Empaths are driven by deep intuitive connections that are largely unconscious, as if sitting on top of a vast oil reserve in the ground and being a conduit (oil well) for this massive amount of energy. Most of what an Empath senses or "knows" cannot be verified immediately which creates a terrible psychic conflict for the person. The over abundance of real and imagined stimuli are frequently overwhelming. Sorting out the two is even more so.  That is why I am a major advocate of structured training!

Imagine having vast amounts of information floating around in your head but no direct way to access it or express No way to sort it out or use it in any clearly defined way. Most of what it is cannot be proven immediately but does get proven over time. (I am skipping over a great deal of points here, just to make a point).

The stress of taking in the emotions of other people, of sensing information on a continual basis, of being a "human sponge", of being driven by deep inner forces that are not understood, all create a "torture chamber" of sorts within the average Empath. This does not have to be as melodramatic as I make it sound, but please understand - it frequently is for the subject.

I refer to this state in the Book of Storms as the "unbonded" Empath. Before figuring out who you are, you must figure out what you are, and reconcile the two. It's called the Book of STORMS for a reason!  Learning about your internal storms, the nature of "storms", and how to "manage your own inner weather" are all par for the course.  Empaths identify with many forms of nature and frequently feel affinity towards storms.  Obviously, it is a powerful personal smbol for me.  I have always felt "connected" to storms.   As a metaphor, storms offer an unending supply of creative insight.

Many Empaths suffer from anxiety due to an overload of incoming stimuli and intuitive information. Some suffer from depression due to being overwhelmed with all the "storms" going on inside. It is not uncommon for an Empath to tell me that he or she has been diagnosed as "bipolar/manic-depressive." Now, that does not mean that if you were diagnosed as bipolar that you are automatically an Empath - it just means there is a possibility that we are quick to put medical labels on things without fully investigating them.

Now, for a more popular explanation!

An Empath is a type of "psychic", but instead of reading the "future" or viewing remote objects, the Empath specializes in reading people. I only mention all this because there is now a huge overlap/confusion between the two words. The "free for all" mentality of the new age movement seized upon the Empath term after we flooded it on the internet, so everyone , everywhere threw in what they had or knew to the concept. I suggest using the word Empath as a hybrid form of psychic, more of a realistic/grounded version of our potential for extra sensory perception.  An Empath is sensitive to the visible as well as the invisible. An Empath reads  body language,  tone of voice, body movements, the words people choose when they speak, the words they avoid, the logic they use; and the hidden things that only an Empath can sense inside another person. A fully developed Empath reads on what could be considered a 360 degree scope. I have this entire 360 scope mapped out in great detail in a teaching model I call the PHI Model of Consciousness or P.H.I.  P.H.I. stands for "panheuristic intelligence" which is ultimately what I am advocating.  My research has been inspired by the work of Dr. Timothy Leary and the many brilliant souls who elaborated on his work.  It is also inspired by the profound teachings of the Buddha, from the very core and heart of what I believe the Dharma to be.
Read more about The Book of Storms here:

The Overview and the Veil of Isis
The wise doctor above wrote a great deal about empathy and being an empath but there are “perceived” flaws to being emotionally open to the world. These flaws have been addressed already in the past many times over and many thousands of years ago. Instructions have been given in esoteric mystery schools since ancient Egypt that offer us wisdom in avoiding  the pitfalls of taking our father’s fiery chariot (the human soul) for a spin in the heavens. Teachings that help build a solid foundation for entering into the worlds that are revealed only through the elevation of our emotional resonance (ascension). In the past people were not usually born awakened to their empathic intelligence and the collective emotional IQ (EI) was low. So learning these lessons could take a lifetime. In this day and age the “processor” or clock speed of human consciousness has increased to such a degree that evolution is pushing us forward toward an awakening as a species into a higher world of perception. Such things as the internet, brought about through the invention of HTML, have only escalated the unfoldment of this process. Acts such as “Freedom of Speech” are the manifestation of some-thing happening in the human collective unconscious, but we will get to that later.

Let us discuss something called the overview. There are a couple of variables in my own personal perception that stand out clearly when I think of being an empath. The overview and another occulted ideal, The Veil of Isis. The overview is our ability to see ourselves and our own emotional attachments and behaviors from a perspective outside our selves. This allows us to separate illusions from reality and purge ourselves of what is non-essential to our spiritual well-being. A friend has reminded me that there are two ways to do this, with creative reasoning and using your imagination through meditation and another more logical approach that has been summed up best as “Occam’s Razor.” I am going to address the former here as I am a creative thinker and operate out of my heart using creative language and metaphor to speak with the soul rather than the mind itself through logic. Both paths if followed with humility and honesty and devotion to truth and love for life in all its manifestations will lead to enlightenment. These are methods used to essentially psycho-analyze yourself.

There is only ONE reality. Only one god. From this moment forth I lay claim to creative license and thus am exempt from all logical arguments against me. Take comfort and rest assured that what I reveal is clothed in truth and any resistance that arises between what I say and what you hear is because of a misunderstanding or a mistranslation of the metaphors I use to point toward the inner processes of the human soul. By laying claim to the mantle of truth to move against this re-presentation is only to harm yourself. I mean this with no negative or egotistic connotation.  Seek to understand and not criticize or reject outright what is said here. (smiles softly)

Today many young people are being born wide open to their emotional body of intelligence and cannot shut out the battering of subconscious forces that assail them. Since they have not developed the proper techniques for dealing with these energies they become saturated with negative forces that damage them deeply, forces they do not know how to dispel. A wall within the human collective unconscious is eroding and it is time for science to take the reins and address this with sincerity and honesty. In the past those who have “administered” science have feared taking on such a task because it blurs the lines between religion and science, between metaphor and logic. Now however, our children’s well-being is at stake, perhaps the well being of our entire race is in jeopardy.

The time has come for the torch to be passed. The day will come for science to take the “leap from the lions mouth” and allow the cradle that holds the human soul to move out of the corruption of religious ignorance and into the light. Life IS spiritual. Jesus IS the world. We ARE the gods. In the past the metaphors used to convey an understanding of the human soul were confused as FACTS and in this context mythology and spirituality do not make sense. It becomes a dead thing that only confuses the world and creates war and chaos. The archetypes as described by Carl Jung and (more clearly) Joseph Campbell are the Rosetta stone to translating religious experiences and myth into a form tangible enough for science to grasp. In this way metaphor can be separated from fact and the human collective unconscious can be studied properly without the stigma of personal beliefs. Belief can be added post-priori by each student at their own leisure. The cornerstone has been laid for merger of two world views.

Let’s look at a passage from Rudolph Steiner’s book “How to Know Higher Worlds” that addresses the most simple way to approach to develop the overview that will help shield us from the pitfalls of evolution. When reading this you may think “this is too simple to be anything of value” but I assure you, life’s greatest mysteries are hidden in plain sight. Life’s secrets are in its simplicities. It’s not about whether you understand with your mind but how deeply you embody that understanding in your heart.

The Overview

“As students of the spirit, we must set aside a brief period of time in daily life in which to focus on things that are quite different from the objects of our daily activity. The kind of activity we engage in must also differ from what occupies the rest of our day. This is not to say, however, that what we do in the minutes we have set aside is unconnected with the content of our daily work. On the contrary, we soon realize that, if approached in the right way, such moments give us the full strength for completing our daily tasks. We need not fear that following this rule will actually take time away from our duties. If someone really cannot spare any more time, five minutes a day are sufficient. What matters is how those five minutes are used.
In these moments we should tear ourselves completely out of our everyday life. Our thinking and feeling lives should have a quite different coloring than they usually have. We should allow our joys, sorrows, worries, experiences, and actions to pass before our soul. But our attitude toward these should be one of looking at everything we have experienced from a higher point of view. Consider, in ordinary life, how differently we perceive what other people have experienced or done from the way we perceive what we ourselves have experienced or done. This must be so. We are still interwoven with what we experience or do, but we are only onlookers of other people’s experiences or acts. In the time we have set aside for ourselves, then, we must strive to view and judge our own experiences and actions as though they belonged to another person.

Viewing ourselves as strangers
As students of higher knowledge we must find the strength to view ourselves as we would view strangers. We must face ourselves with the inner tranquility of a judge. If we achieve this, our own experiences will reveal themselves in a new light. As long as we are still woven into our experiences, and stand within them, we will remain as attached to the nonessential as to the essential. But once we have attained the inner peace of the overview, the nonessential separates itself from the essential. Sorrow and joy, every thought, every decision will look different when we stand over against ourselves in this way. It is as though we spent the whole day somewhere and saw everything, small and large, at close range, and then in the evening climbed a neighboring hill and enjoyed an overview of the whole place at once. Then the various parts of the town and their relationships to each other would appear very different from when we stood among them.
As we progress in this direction, we become increasingly able to control the effect that impressions from the outer world have upon us. For example, we may hear someone say something to hurt or anger us. Before we began esoteric training, this would have made us feel hurt or anger. Now, however, because we are on the path of inner development, we can take the hurtful or annoying sting out of another’s words before it finds its way into our inner being. Another example: before beginning to follow this path, we may have been quick to lose our patience when we had to wait for something. But now, having started on the path and become pupils in a school of esoteric study, we imbue ourselves in our contemplative moments so fully with the realization that most impatience is futile that, whenever we feel any impatience, it immediately calls this realization to mind. The impatience that was about to take root thus disappears, and the time we would otherwise have wasted in expressions of impatience can now be filled with some useful observation that we may make while we wait.”

A bliss bestowing world
“Something else is also needed. When we look upon ourselves as strangers it is still only ourselves that we are contemplating. We see the experiences and actions connected to us by the particular course of life we have grown through. But we must go beyond that. We must rise to see the purely human level that no longer has anything to do with our own particular situation. We must reach the point of contemplating those things that concern us as human beings as such, completely independent of the circumstances and conditions of our particular life.
As we do this, something comes to life in us that transcends what is personal or individual. Our view is directed toward worlds higher than those our everyday life brings us. We begin to feel, to experience, that we belong to these higher worlds of which our senses and everyday activities can tell us nothing. The center of our being shifts inward. We listen to the voices that speak within us in our moments of serenity. Inwardly, we associate with the spiritual world. Removed from our daily round, we become deaf to its noise. Everything around us grows still. We put aside everything that reminds us of outer impressions. Quiet, inward contemplation and dialog with the purely spiritual world completely fill our soul. For students of the spirit, this quiet contemplation must become a necessity of life. At first, we are wholly absorbed in a world of thought. We must develop a living feeling for this silent thinking activity.

We must learn to love what streams toward us from the spirit. Then we shall soon cease to accept this world of thought as less real than the everyday life surrounding us. Instead, we will begin to work with our thoughts as we do with material objects. And then the moment will approach when we begin to realize that what is revealed to us in the silence of inner thinking activity is more real than the physical objects around us. We experience that life speaks in this world of thoughts. We realize that thoughts are not mere shadow pictures and that hidden beings speak to us through thoughts. Out of the silence something begins to speak to us. Previously we could hear speech only with our ears, but now words resound in our souls. An inner speech, an inner word, is disclosed to us. The first time we experience this we feel supremely blessed. Our outer world is suffused with an inner light. A second life begins for us. A divine, bliss-bestowing world streams through us.” – Rudolph Steiner “How to Know Higher Worlds”
The Buddha referred to this as the immovable spot or the seat of the soul. When one attains mastery of it the mind becomes “Zen” or peaceful like a calm mountain lake that reflects the moon and everything that passes by just as it is. The lake doesn’t add to or take away from it. It doesn’t try to hold on to the moon as it passes, it lets it go and by doing so the moon and lake “reflect” into each other as they pass. There is no desire to hold on or fear to run away. Just a peaceful clear commune of essence is shared between the two bodies.

Hence the Zen saying “Moon in the pond, blossom in the sky.”

This is the prerequisite for almost all inner work in esoteric study because it creates a foundation to which we can return to that frees us from illusions and allows us to “separate” the emotions of others from our own and our own emotional distortion of reality from direct perception of the world. In this way we can see reality just the way it is and not how “we” want it to be. Like Occam’s razor, this is a kind of “call to town” token like those you find in video games that “evac” you safely out of danger. It is the most common tool we use in our ascent toward a higher more liberated state of consciousness.

The Veil of Isis
"By the bright circle of the golden sun,
By the bright courses of the errant moon,
By the dread potency of every star,
In the mysterious Zodiac's burning girth,
By each and all of these supernal signs,
We do adjure thee, with this trusty blade
To guard yon central oak, whose holy stem,
Involves the spirit of high Taranis:
Be this thy charge." – MASON
The Parting of the Veil, Piercing of the Veil, Rending of the Veil or Lifting of the Veil refers, in the Western mystery tradition and contemporary witchcraft, to opening the "veil" of matter, thus gaining entry to a state of spiritual awareness in which the mysteries of nature are revealed. It is a reference to the mythical Veil of Isis, regarding which Plutarch records an inscription at the shrine of Neith-Isis-Minerva at Sais: “I am all that hath been, and is, and shall be; and my veil no mortal has hitherto raised.” H. P. Blavatsky's famous book on occultism, Isis Unveiled is also a reference to this.

It is also a reference to the Gospel of Mark 15:38. In ceremonial magic, the Sign of the Rending of the Veil is a symbolic gesture performed by the magician with the intention of creating such an opening. It is performed starting with the arms extended forwards and hands flat against each other (either palm to palm or back to back), then spreading the hands apart with a rending motion until the arms point out to both sides and the body is in a T shape. After the working is complete, the magician will typically perform the corresponding Sign of the Closing of the Veil, which has the same movements in reverse.

Notice in the picture below the archetypal images: The parting of the Veil, the Crystal Sea, and the union of opposites.

There is no need to go into an extensive explanation of occult science about this concept here. I do feel the Veil of Isis needs to be mentioned however so I will make it brief. There was a time in the past of human existence when we didn’t have the “ego” we do today. It simply did NOT exist the way it does today on either an individual or collective level. You can arrive at an understanding of the Veil by simply using techniques employed by psycho-therapists to analyze the mythologies and religions of the world through reading the metaphorical meanings hidden within them. There is nothing “pseudo-scientific” about it whatsoever. When I personally follow the myths back into the collective unconscious of our species I find that there is a point that is quite clear where the ego or serpent, as it is re-presented in myth, appears on the tree of life (human collective unconscious). It takes place many thousands of years ago in a certain garden we all know about. Now take into consideration that I am analyzing the mind of our race by reading the metaphors and this is not FACT in any way. There is something we call archetypes and these universal or foundational ideas rise up within us from the collective unconscious and manifest into human cultural experience shaping everything we do (read my post on them). Lucifer or the serpent is an archetype that is metaphor for the force of consciousness or within consciousness that gave birth (stimulated growth) to the human collective ego. Before the “fall” from the garden we lived in a state of bliss because in some ways we were “submerged” into the subconscious mind and joined with it. Life was like a dream to us at that time (see the aborigine “dreamtime” concept and myths). A certain element of mind was undeveloped then, we call it metacognition. The ability to think about our thinking. The evolution of ego was a continuation of the manifestation of our species into the physical realm of three dimensional reality.

Now think of the human race as a child who experienced a powerful and overwhelming “trauma” that saturated his conscious with negative energy that cannot be faced directly. That energy “sinks” down into the unconscious to the bottom of the mind that sits just above the threshold to the subconscious. And there it “gathers” on the ocean floor and the mind itself “uses” fear because of its repulsive properties to “push” the thoughts out of sight. The trauma gives birth to our shadow. The fear is then attached TO the thoughts that sit above the subconscious mind and forms a “wall” of repulsive force that drives the “spectrum” of our consciousness away from the negative thoughts and consequently away from the subconscious at the same time. This repulsive force is what separated the layering of our collective mind and “projected” the human collective ego into being. This wall is called “The Veil of Isis.”

You may proceed with your own understanding of psychology to arrive at your own conclusions about what the "destiny” of this veil will be. The trauma that we experienced (flood, pole shift or another natural disaster perhaps, who knows for sure) caused a split in consciousness that lead to an outward manifestation of violence and pain as our minds cried out trying to fight the horror of what was inflicted on us. Thus we have millennia of wars and suffering. Those institutions we see historically who are most responsible for those wars are the physical manifestations of that trauma, the cause of the trauma and its range of effects. So mythological speaking, the collective ego is the serpent on the tree of human consciousness and our religions and governments have been the medium through which that trauma has ‘sustained” itself in the physical world around us. I am not saying that the “teachings” of religion are corrupt, I am saying the character of those who administer those teachings have been corrupt in the past.

"The minority, the ruling class at present, has the schools and press, usually the Church as well, under its thumb. This enables it to organize and sway the emotions of the masses, and make its tool of them." ~ Albert Einstein, letter to Sigmund Freud, 30 July 1932

Just as a human being grows up and learns to face his fears with compassion and understanding and given enough time and love will break through the barrier into the unconscious and become free from his trauma, so too will our collective do the same. “The dynamics of the individual psyche are the same as the dynamics of the society.” And therefore the Veil of Isis is “destined” to come down of its own accord. I will not go into the many variables here that predict when it will happen but you can see the manifestations of the erosion of the Veil of Isis all around you now in our culture and society. Such as the “Freedom of Speech” act and the invention of HTML that allowed the internet to come into being and connect the fragmented grid of human thought together in a “World Wide Web.” It is happening now. The ideals expressed by the erosion of the Veil echo in our collective souls, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.”

But the purpose of the Veil of Isis has been realized. The evolution of a discriminating intellect or ego. Now as a race we must take that ego and return with it to our original state and there merge the two into one. Teaching us to do this has been the goal of all true spiritual teachers and all religions in some way or another. I prefer Buddhism myself because it cuts out unnecessary issues that are used by those in power to confuse and coerce the masses. Any path if followed wisely and out of one’s OWN heart will lead to results however. I personally prefer to cross reference all the religions and myths and let my heart reveal to me the patterns that will help me “purify” my ego and let it merge with spirit (subconscious) on the bower of eternity (archetypal realm).

If this process is done CORRECTLY there is no conflict between religion and science or logic and emotion. The whole point is to END conflict by bringing about something called hemispheric-synchronization.

Hemispheric Synchronization (hemi-sync)

“Hemi-Sync is short for Hemispheric Synchronization, also known as brainwave synchronization. Monroe indicated that the technique synchronizes the two hemispheres of one's brain, thereby creating a 'frequency-following response' designed to evoke certain effects. Hemi-Sync has been used for many purposes, including relaxation and sleep induction, learning and memory aids, helping those with physical and mental difficulties, and reaching altered states of consciousness through the use of sound.

Replicated, double-blind, randomized trials on anesthetized patients have found Hemi-Sync effective as a partial replacement for fentanyl during surgery.

Fentanyl is approximately 100 times more potent than morphine,[8] with 100 micrograms of fentanyl approximately equivalent to 10 mg of morphine and 75 mg of pethidine (meperidine) in analgesic activity.”

Follow along closely, more powerful than morphine. Do you understand now why “enlightenment” is talked about as being a state of supreme bliss? The “natural” state of human consciousness IS bliss. But hemi-sync was not something invented by Monroe, students of esoteric knowledge have known about it all along. Below is a meditation to help establish hemi-sync. It is called “Invoking the Four Directions” google it. There are many different incarnations of the mediation and it arises in almost every culture throughout mankind’s known history in some form or another. In witchcraft or Wicca it is called “Casting The Circle” for example. So think about it, your completing a “circle” and connecting both hemispheres of the brain. That is why casting the circle is the FIRST thing you do in magic. It prepares you to enter into your experiences in the right mindset. Hemi-sync. Now understand what your working with are the energies at work on you from within your OWN being and mind. “The kingdom is within YOU.” So this meditation should NOT conflict with beliefs in any way if viewed correctly. It is a tool and nothing more.

Invoking the four directions
Below is my version of the meditation which is meaningful to me and might not speak to you as clearly. There are many different versions of this meditation so look around and find one you like. Feel free to add your own deities and change out variables of this “model” as you see fit. Do however retain the directions and the elements in the proper order.

Edit: In an attempt to alleviate some of the burden from the readers I will just post a link to a blog I posted that has two version of this mediation. Those with an interest can read more about it there.
Empathic abilities
So what are the fruits of being empathic? What kinds of things do empaths do? Aside from the above listed abilities in the models at the top of this thread there are a few things worthy of noting. I will note 3 of them here but I am told there are 7 or 9 distinct abilities. We most likely perform ALL of these abilities from time to time unconsciously. The point however is that they are tools that should be at our conscious disposal. Most of you will notice you do these things already to a lesser or greater degree. Stay open however to the idea that even though you use them already and they “seem” simple, that there may be MUCH greater heights to which these abilities can be manifested.
Meditative Reading

The ability to hear the words behind the words. Poetry consists in hearing the words behind the words. When we ponder artwork we try to ascertain what it is “saying” to us. Well, the message of the artist is transferred through the “medium” of the art and into you. If you read the art correctly you are seeing directly into the mind of the artist. Now all books and almost all art can be “read” through if you look beyond the paper and peek “behind” the words and into the mind of the author. This requires a certain change is the context NOT in the content of what you are viewing. Like a crystal ball in the hands of a Gypsy you look through the medium and into your OWN mind.

Boy: Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead only try to realize the truth.
Neo: What truth?
Boy: There is no spoon.
Neo: There is no spoon?
Boy: Then you'll see that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.
Below I will quote another passage from Rudolph Steiner’s book “How to Know Higher Worlds.” These passages offer another hint how to silence the mind and listen without critical judgments and opinions while you read through books into the minds of the authors who could have lived thousands of years ago even. What you are reading is the “emotional resonance” trapped into the art or wording itself. Remember the first lesson, still the mind so that it is like a calm mountain lake. Then do not watch the book as you read but rather watch your own mind and how it reacts to the emotional undertones, watch the reflection on the lake to see the moon moving in the sky. Then what you will see is that what you are reading is not the story in the book but your own mind. And through your mind you connect with the “reflection” of the author. This can be applied to artwork and even architecture. You can learn to look through the structures of buildings (content) and there placements (context) to see hidden meanings in the world around you and catch glimpses of the minds of their creators and their creators hidden intentions (should they exist).
“The students of occult knowledge must also direct their attention to the world of sounds. Here we must distinguish between sounds produced by so-called inanimate objects (such as a falling object, a bell, or a musical instrument) and those coming from living beings (animals or human beings). If we hear a bell, we perceive the sound and associate it with a pleasant feeling. The scream of an animal, on the other hand, not only evokes an emotional association but also reveals the animal’s inner experience, its pleasure or its pain. In esoteric training, we focus on the second type of sound, concentrating our whole attention on the fact that the sound communicates something that lies outside our own souls.”
“We must immerse ourselves in this “otherness,” inwardly uniting our feelings with the pain or pleasure expressed by the sound. To do this, we must disregard what the sound is for us—whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, agreeable or disagreeable. Our soul must be filled only with what is happening in the being from whom the sound comes. If we practice this exercise systematically and deliberately, we will acquire as we do so the faculty of merging, as it were, with the being that made the sound. A musically sensitive person will naturally find this particular exercise for the cultivation of soul life easier than one who is unmusical. But no one should think that a musical ear is a substitute for systematically doing the exercise. As occult students, our goal is to learn to feel toward the whole of nature in this way. As we learn to do so, a new faculty takes root in the world of feeling and thought. All of nature begins to whisper its secrets to us through its sounds. Sounds that were previously incomprehensible to our soul now become the meaningful language of nature. Where we had heard only noise in the sounds produced by inanimate objects, we now learn a new language of the soul. As this cultivation of our feelings continues, we become aware that we can hear things we never conceived of before; indeed, we begin to hear with our souls.

Something must be added to this practice before the highest point in this region of soul experience can be attained. Particularly important as we develop as occult pupils is that we also work on the way we listen to other people when they speak. On the path to higher knowledge this listening skill is extremely important. We must become accustomed to listening in such a way that we quiet our own inner life completely when we listen. For example, when someone expresses an opinion and another listens, agreement or disagreement usually stirs immediately within the listener. Often in such a situation we feel compelled to express our own opinion at once, especially if we disagree. However, on the path to higher knowledge we must learn to silence any agreement or disagreement with the opinions we hear. Naturally, this does not mean that we should suddenly change our way of life and strive to achieve this complete inner silence all the time. We must start with isolated instances that we choose intentionally. Then quite slowly and gradually, as if by itself, this new way of listening will become a habit.

In spiritual research, we practice this new way of listening in a systematic way. As students, we should feel it our duty to set aside, as an exercise, certain times when we listen to the most contrary opinions, completely silencing within us all agreement and, especially, all negative judgments. Not only must we silence our intellectual judgment but also any feelings of disapproval, rejection, or even agreement. Above all, we must observe ourselves carefully to ensure that such feelings, even though absent from the surface of the soul, are not present in its innermost depths. For example, we must learn to listen to the remarks of those who are in some way inferior to us, suppressing every feeling of superiority or knowing better.

Listening to children in this way is especially useful, and even the wisest of us can learn a great deal from them. These exercises teach us to listen selflessly to the words of others, completely excluding our own personality, opinions, and feelings. Once we are practiced in listening in this way without criticism, then gradually, even when the most contradictory views and illogical statements are aired before us, we begin to learn how to unite ourselves with the being of the other person and fully enter into it. We begin to hear through the words, into the other person’s soul. As we consistently practice this new habit, sound becomes the medium through which we can perceive soul and spirit.” – Rudolph Steiner “How to Know Higher Worlds”
Shape Shifting
Not going to go to deep into this as there are many books that can elaborate on it and it is just a natural continuation of previously mentioned principles being applied to animals and even plants or buildings or whole neighborhoods to read emotional resonance. Once you have perfected the overview and can see yourself from outside your own perceptual set then you just simple “project” your view of yourself or reality into another animal, plant, or structure to read its emotional resonance. With animals you allow yourself to be seen from behind their eyes and thus “adjust” your own body language and mindset in order to “speak” with them on their level and not scare or unnerve them.
Remote Viewing

Now I am not sure if am getting this one correct. I have heard “rumors” of true remote viewing. As in, actually seeing visually another place or person through mental imagery. If that is even possible then it is a continuation of what I am going to “attempt” to explain here. This is where I may lose some people, you will either make the grade or you won’t. But think of this as mental cross word puzzle that you can try to solve by looking at it from different perspectives. You may want to come back to it later if you’re not making progress. Below is a quote form a book by Barbara Hand Clow who best sums up the method for remote viewing. She is a new age writer, yes I know… I kinda feel dirty about quoting new age books but regardless, it’s a nice explanation and a bit of a brain teaser.

“A hologram is produced when a laser beam is split into two beams. Beam A is bounced off an image to be photographed, Beam B is mirrored back so it will collide with the reflected light of the image. This creates an “interference pattern,” like waves from opposite directions intermeshing on the surface of a pond. The interference pattern is “encoded” on film, and if you shine another light into it, the image that was photographed can be projected into any space. Once it is projected, you can see this image in space – you can pass your hand through it suspended in air.

Your space is filled with waves from many sources, these waves are interference patterns, and images can be “created” out of them. Our media has specific, surface three-dimensional sounds and images that all of us can see and hear, but it is also loaded with “masked” sounds and images. You can ascertain these subliminal implants by observing odd thoughts, emotional patterns, or physical reactions such as stomach aches or headaches when you are tuned into the media, try to notice when and where they come from” – Barbara Hand Clow

Take into consideration now all that we have gone over. Imagine for a moment that a TV commercial is the laser beam and you are the object being photographed; your subconscious mind is the target. Beam A is encoded by the advertisers with subliminal messages and shot through the telecommunications network and into your home then through your TV and into you. It strikes the subconscious and delivers its coding. But now step back from your mind using the overview discussed above and do not judge what you see on TV, look through it by watching NOT the commercial but your own mind! Watch the ripples on the calm mountain lake, take your eyes off the moon in the sky and just watch its reflection as it passes over the lake. Now your reactions to the show or the commercial you’re watching is Beam B. So as Beam B (your emotional reaction) bounces back out into reality as a “response” it crosses Beam A which was the commercial itself and if you still the mind and allow yourself to shine the light of consciousness through the film of your awareness you can produce a holographic image and follow that image upstream to its source to see and understand the mind of the advertisers on a much deeper level. Just like reading through a book into the mind of the author but a bit more mental awareness is required.

If you learn to do this you will realize that EVERY where you go and EVERY thing you watch on TV is coded with subliminal images that are programming you at the level of the subconscious in ways you wouldn’t believe. There is a control “grid” placed over the entire world and it uses all forms of media including the arts and sciences (by the way they are taught). The grid is everywhere around you. The mind naturally rejects this programming and it can cause physical and mental illness over time. And you wonder why 1/5th of the world suffers from depression? (smirk) You wonder why you’re a recluse right now? Why you’re withdrawn from society? "It is no measure of sanity to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." It is humorous to me that psychologists often try to "cure" people from mental illnesses while not knowing what "sane" really is themselves. They are not "curing" anything really since the natural state of mind is taken away by our society and not given. All of the initiation rights that have helped in the movement toward higher stages of development have been removed from our culture in the modern world.

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Sending Love~

Nice job. You are exceptional. Thank you for teaching me something new! :)

Wow pretty solid. No need for proofreading :)

It was an interesting read

Just felt it didn't belong here.

They already do this in comparative religion and mythology classes, but the problem is that people know the classes are very bland and lack a real intense study of what is most important, the human soul and enlightenment. So the shift would take place in the attention the community places on elevating the ideas of the archetypes and putting emphasis on there meanings and significance to the human races mental and spiritual well being.

Its all about presentation.

Let me try and explain about my comment that I made earlier about the five senses. To me, when it comes to spiritualityphilosophyreligionscience or that kind of thing, the ultimate questions must be, “Are we (I) more than the sum of all the five senses and experiences we have had? In other words, is there a part of us which receives or sends information that has not simply come through the five senses? Or is it just that the information received through the five senses over time has built up complex belief structures as a means of coping with everything? Maybe we all make up our own worlds, depending on our past. Maybe we’re more than our five senses, maybe a sixth sense exists. I don’t know these answers, and never will claim to. But I believe it’s possible that a book could be written, that begins with solid science, ( which would appeal to atheists as well as spiritualists), and ends with the reader doing quite a bit of self-analysis. It’s all about presentation as you say.

Anyway, I'm not trying to argue with anyone, but now maybe you can understand why the five senses science thing popped into my mind when I read this post. If you don’t, that’s fine, three quarters of the time I’m not sure what I’m saying either :)

There is no such thing as a sixth sense. What people call psychic powers are a continuation of the first 5 senses. A "alignment" of their input routed through the mind itself. I guess you could say that meta-cognition the sixth sense in a way. The mind can be disassociated from its "attachment" to physical reality and become aware of worlds of intelligence that exist and speak to it through a non-verbal language that can only be described as "mythical" or "mythological" in nature. Water rolls down hill and life itself uses everything at its disposal to speak to life and learn about itself. Emotion is just "one" kind of intelligence which "parallels" logic. Each intelligence sees the SAME reality however if purged from illusions using the proper methods, the overview for emotions and Occam's Razor for logic. One is an outward view of reality and the other an inward view, that is personal. My point is only that the archetypes, if seen correctly, can bridge these two and act as a cosmological constant of sorts. Thousands of years of archetypal expression tells me, mythologically speaking, that the very nature of the universe IS mind and it IS conscious. My experience with being an empath proves that assumption correct. For me. Like Arthurs knights however, we each must take the journey alone and enter the forest where it is darkest if we are to behold the grail unveiled for ourselves.

The overview and occams razor are the same dynamic of mind to purge illusions and return to its original nebulous state of blissful simple perception of reality just as it is. Eternity is not a long time, it is the dimension occluded from us by the veil of time, which is a terrible illusion we created ourselves. Eternity is now.

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