A Childhood Memory.

I have always been spiritual. I don't know that this illustrates it but I'm going to share a little story from when I was 7 because I remember this quite vividly. The family was out to dinner with half a dozen or so of my parents childless friends at an Italian restaurant so the red wine was flowing freely. As was the merriment and alcohol fuelled bulls***t from these early 80's hipster types. I remember watching my parents crapping on with the best of them and thinking how people change to suit the situation,so who are we really? I had a texta for some reason so late in the evening,I furtively wrote on the wall behind me. I wrote "Nothing is true". Deep little person. I know that I was 7 because when my graffitti was discovered all the drunk adults were mightily impressed and amused. They had me sign it and write "Aged 7" underneath!
rustyfrog rustyfrog
36-40, F
Jan 23, 2013