I Met An Unknown Man

Every morning I do some spiritual practices. One morning I met a man of age 50-60 who told me to start some religious practices. I told no I dont want. He told he wants to love me but I have to reach his level of consciousness to come this love true for which he told me to do these practices . I disagreed. He then went away and told he will find another friend who will do as he ask.

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Controlling men with strong ego's just love to use religion to satisfy their need to control and abuse others. I was steeped in religious dogma from a young age yet l was unhappy fearful and judgemental towards others who practised 'inferior faiths' in my view until l had an 'ndr' that completely turned me around. l no longer practice religion but l am spiritual knowing now that showing love is all that matters to the health of my soul.

There is the holy spirit, spirit of angels and there are also sprits of demons and the devils workers. Be careful how you approach the spiritual realm. I wonder what this spirit wanted you to do for them - was it for good or evil? You see there are so many people who have spirits controlling them, and they watch human beings and interfere with their destinies. Its good to have the holy spirit and angels around you. For those, i personally get down on my knees and pray. I don't mean to enforce my beliefs on others - but from experience, my life is so much better when i started to seek God, the holy spirit on a personal level, who to me is love.

Spirituality is a very personal journey. The man you speak of was looking for an understudy. Someone to mold into an image of himself that he was unable to reach himself. People like that are lost souls. I call them psychic vampires.<br />
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When I am confronted by someone who is my face about knowing Jeezuz! I say he and I are really good friend and he tells me that he is really upset by people who are aggressive about telling lies about him. <br />
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Oh, and if you "practice" your spirituality every day, be careful not to become dogmatic about it. It really is dogma that separates religion from spirituality. The one thing that i learned from forty years of studying religious, spiritual philosophies and psychology is that you cannot become enlightened by being serious about it. So make sure you "lighten up, eh!"

I would love to hear more about your morning spiritual practices. What exactly do you do and why? I would love to learn as much as I can from you.<br />
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I think the man you met, might have been a test to your Spirituallity, to see how completely commited you are.<br />
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I look forward to hearing from you soon.<br />
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God Bless,<br />
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What a story..true or not I found myself blurting out a laugh. His reaction to you is a nice sound bite reflecting my experience of people I have talked to about religion and their beliefs.<br />
There is in my experience a drip drip feed practice is to those who I meet and find out that I hold a spiritual humanist philosophy. With time there is the belief that I will see the better and agree. This man was straight to the point and sounds like he had had enough of wasting his time on folk who have strong beliefs and philosophy that will actually question his beliefs and philosophy. <br />
I once met a man when out cycling. He spotted me in a town centre eating a sandwich. He came over, sat next to me and asked me if I wanted to find Jesus. I said no thanks so he told me that i should. I told him I did not want to talk to him about it so he got his bible out and quoted a passage to me. I got more blunt and told him I do not believe in the teachings of the bible. with this he stood up and told me I did not know what I was talking about and that I have to find Jesus with him. I stood up and walked my bike away sandwich in hand uneaten to find a quieter place to be.<br />
I accept others have their beliefs though to not accept others to me makes a clear distinction between the idea of how people should be, what makes a good or wicked society, beliefs, and the reality of another person, their family and society.

i think alot of religins try to controle women and children<br />
he sounds like a creep

The man doesn't seem very spiritual to me, just a normal man - wants control. Do as you are told, or I will go away and find someone else.<br />
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Religion is just doing as you are told, mostly by men. And therein lies the power. That is nothing to do with spirituality.

I have to suggest we all consider that if there is one thing in our lives we must be religious about it is our personal spirituality. Maybe I'm splitting hairs here, and being religious about my spirituality has helped me to evolve in to the truth of my spiritual nature. Just food for thought.

Well, the true spiruality does not separate ones from the other people, if it does it is not spirituality any more. It looks like this man wanted to take control over you by making you do whatever he wanted to; to tell you that you must practice like him was perhaps the begining of the other form of control and abuse. It looks like he was acting as a slave of his ego that wanted him to be superior; and if ones let the ego to be the ruler means the ones is losing the spirit. <br />
I think that you have done a good thing by walking away.Hugs and be proud of yourself

Spirituality is to be totally free form all beliefs in God, a superior force for just that word God sends shivers up my spine! <br />
It is time to tell the world that no matter how hard the Musims try to dominate this world with terrorism they are harming themselves totally. <br />
There is no peace at all in believing communities. We see that evidence in reality! I have learned that I have been giving too much information to Richard Clayderman for free since 1988 for I thought he was superior to me. An absolute fool I have been! He was wanting to be my husband so that he could control me, and I wanted to keep my physical and spiritual freedom. Marriage is no more important at all to anyone who is spiritually free. <br />
We do see the face of the Pope and his Aura says it all. If anyone wanted the Devil then the Pope is the Chief Christian Devil!!! <br />
Sorry but I just wanted to tell the world of how angry I am at all those males!

A person who thinks with his own mind, feels with his own emotions, and listens to his own judgments is, in my opinion, on a much higher level of consciousness than one who would prefer his friends to simply believe what he believes for no other reason than the fact that he believes it. This unknown man sounds like any other closed-minded, ignorant person, trying to sway the world to do things his way. <br />
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In short: do things how you want to do them, and don't let any other person sway you. Your own individual sense of spirituality is much more important than the way others perceive it. Anyone who would truly be able to call you friend would understand that, and would accept you, no matter how you handle your spirituality.

How strange. Don't worry. Some people thing love is conditional. It is a dreadful missperception. To be truly loved is to be loved unconditionally. The true power of Love is strong enough to enter the realms of anyone no matter what level of conciousness they are on. Connectedness however is more like what he is referring to. You don't need to be connected with someone who makes you feel insuperior.

Loved that line...cheese....Its about the message not the words in the sentence...just love it. Do wish more people understood that.

The old guy sounds creepy actually. Control freak.

I usually find practitioners of religion to be narrow minded people that seem to do more regurgitating of scripture than actually try to learn from it. They also tend to be the biggest hypocrites IMO. That’s why I like spirituality. Its about the message not the sentence or the words in the sentence.

This man does not sound very spiritual to me! True spirituality transcends the bounds of religion, imo.

maybe you met the devil??

I have a problem with this man you speak of. Someone that truely cares for you, would keep reaching out to you... not run off to find someone else that thinks HIS way.