My Thoughts On Religion

I am growing increasingly tired of hearing people talk about God, the Bible, and morality. Their conversations frequently carry a self-righteous tone that I find offensive. To me, "religious" people seem blind to the fallibility of their church, it's leadership, and themselves. Whatever "Word of God" they espouse has been handed down to them through the generations by flawed men and women no different then themselves. It has been twisted and polluted to serve the motives of those in power for centuries.

Historically I think religion was very much about controlling the masses. Hundreds of years ago, it was likely a positive force; especially for the poor and uneducated. I expect it was a cornerstone of most communities, that it help to educate, and to comfort. It still holds answers to the profound questions of life. So many religions--so many answers. Don't most of us believe the answers simply because it is the faith of our parents? Or perhaps, we've moved on and found a religion that fits, not our parents, but ourselves. Well, if  we're "selecting" a religion that fits our beliefs does that make it "of God" or "true". I guess if you're never wrong... you could easily pick the right "one". Or, are there lots and lots of "right" religions? If there were, wouldn't they have to have the same teachings?

I think it's great that religion gives people a place to fit in and be part of a community and friends that help and support each other. But as for rigid doctrine, I think it's absurd. The Bible is full scriptures that sound ridiculous in modern times. Sure, there are scriptures that still make a lot of sense. But just like selecting our religion, do we also get edit the Bible to fit our beliefs? How about we just do what our mothers taught us?

Be kind
Help others
Tell the truth
Be true to yourself


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1 Response Oct 6, 2008

Organized religions, to me, are no different than cults. They all broke away from one church and formed splinter groups, sub splinter groups and so on.<br />
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Spirituality is looking inward to find the "god" that is within; that is with you always, even until the end of time.