Awakening the Third Eye

So, I was reading this book lastnight and was practicing some of it when I must have fallen asleep. Because I can remember very vividly seeing a larger than normal third eye between my eyebrows open. Don't quite think that it actually happened just that I was working at it before I fell asleep and drempt of it.
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When you take a pencil or pointed object and move it between the eyes slowly you might feel a slight tingle. Like a dowsing rod finding water. I have noticed the third eye is telescopic. There is a dimension it access. A plane it runs across. Imagine a telescopic line or beam of energy like a kaleidoscope moving through your third eye and going both forward and backward in time. You will notice that when you remember something your eyes dip down below the horizon for a brief second during "re-call' and when you are creating or drawing an idea into yourself from an epiphany or from creative inspiration your eyes will move up above the horizon shortly while it is "drawn in." This is a good method for helping you know whether your are imagining or perceiving in the higher worlds.

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That was real, spirituality and learning to awaken, strengthen and use your chakras is all about visualization. Even in dreaming your mind is still actively attempting to work out all material presented to you by your waking life. It is easier to accomplish these tasks through sleeping, especially if you allow your mind to be fully open to it.

If you can't visualize a point very well, if at all, that means the point is weak. By practicing visualization of a point, you are focusing on it. Focusing on ANYTHING is means you are putting energy into it.

Hope that helps you :)

Hi TC,Have you ever heard of the pineal gland? You should check it out. Look up the website, The pineal gland is the third eye. Dr. Rick Strausman studied a brain chemical called dimethltriptamine (DMT) at the University of New Mexico. He believes DMT is made by the pineal gland and his personal belief is that DMT is the vehicle through which the spirit enters the physical realm. There is a book and a documentary by the same name as the website.<br />
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The research is amazing. Check it out.

Dreams are very true my friend , many dreams are through your higher self guiding you through the right path , because spirit can do anything , your spirit has the ability to guide you when you sleep in relevance to your life , happy dreaming :)

Ive had moments like that when I was meditating on my chakras especially when I got to the third eye chakra. I do the mantra to help me with the meditation.

Are you into David Wilcock?<br />
See what he says here re- the third eye is fascinating stuff...<br />
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wow, something like this happened to my sister. She was in my room reading one of my books on psychic awareness, fell asleep, and had a vision of a big eye. <BR><BR>I told her that it probably symbolized her third eye opening up, especially since not long after that she started having what she calls "psychic moments' or times when she knows or thinks things before they happen.

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Yes, many infants experience this phenomena too, though of course don't remember it. The third eye is more or less a symbol of awareness. It means that your "minds eye" is open, and that you are ready to "see" things in a way you never have before. Check out my profile - I'm new here, but i'm a published writer, and I think you might be interested in some of theings I have to say about "Awakening".

I was at a level of sleep that wasn't very deep. I had the lights on and music in the background, so I wasn't sound asleep. More like a state what I have heard people describe who have been successful at meditation. One where the body is asleep but the mind is still aware of what is going on around it.<br />
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It could very well be what you describe Mr. Presence, I never did much research on it. I figured it to be more of a dream associated with what I was reading at the time.

I think the fact that you dreamed of your third-eye opening is a very positive sign. Maybe it's showing you that you succeeded, at least a little, in finding the third eye and actually opening it. Good luck in the future.

I have just began a book about lucid dreaming and how to be awake in your dreams. Mostly so you can get out of your dreams what the subconscious is trying to tell us. I feel the subconscious is our soul. Anyway if your interested, let me know.