True Spirit,not Religion

    I  have found that most of my religious experiences have been negative.I couldn't identify with them.True Spirit is what resides within,the heart.Following your intuition,your gut, is your spirit.
Sananda Sananda
46-50, F
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Well said!

I remember Catholic Mass. I thought the people returning with the Host in their mouths seemed transported. I was envious; it never happened for me. It was not until I used a sacred plant in the presence of a Native American to cease or retard the speed at which I formed "ego" that I was able to find my true spiritual path.

It's true that often 'religious' experiences are marred and spoiled by religious practices, rulesand limitations. Often is not the fault of the religion per se but due to the lack of maturity and lack of love of some of the religion's followers. <br />
But I think that many people find some answers in religion and get sort of initiated through them in their search for a spiritual reality.<br />
I think that if we look at a 'religion' or at a religious person as the goal or end we would be dissappointed every time as neither one person, nor a group of them, have the perfection that only God has, his perfect love, his perfect sense of humor, his perfect understanding and patience and wisdom.<br />
It is a problem I think, because although religions and religious groups are supposed to be the way to find all that perfection and the wonderful Spirit of God 's love, in the end they get in the way.<br />
Unlike Chistian people or organizations, I have found that Jesus is never in the way but that he is actually the way. He in fact said so, "i am the way, the truth and the life" to get to the father, meaning God's beautiful Spirit and life.<br />
So, I have given up on religion and hang to Jesus and to the words and ways he shows us. I often like to be alone just to enjoy his presence and company and fun ways. Not all the time exactly, but as a lover that longs to be alone with the one loved, so it is between Jesus and I. I love to be with him and he loves me and loves to be with me. So cool!

You are not alone!

Yes! I feel the same way. So, true..:)