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I feel like any time a person enters organized religion without the self dicipline to find out more for themselves, it's going against the very word they say they believe in. For a general view the bible AND the quran both say that you should reading it for yourself and not let someone else dictate what it means to you. They also say you don't need a middle man to speak to God and not to worship false idols. I don't feel like pinpointing anyone but I see this a lot. If you study on your own I think it's far more enlightening.
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Very insightful post.

Organised religion does help some people to grow spiritually. The ones that encourage people to have a personal relationship/discover God for yourself are out there. Then yes, there are others who act more righteous because others do not have the same belief as them. Of they look down/pity the others who have different beliefs. Some souls can have their lives positively through an organised religion but thats determined by exposure and how you're raised. We all have free will and choices to make. The substance of God to me, is love because no.... as humans, none of us are perfect, ever will be. I think prayer is an excellent way to connect to the holy spirit but, religion itself over the years has become a big mess but we see without it how the peoples morals have been lost and free will without direction has caused alot of chaos...

Thank you for that insight too. Yes, I meant that even those that have "found god" can still believe in themselves. Every one of us here is a silent crusader - a holy warrior of mind, body and spirit. Unsung hero's of value and principal. We all share a common goal, I believe; but we lack proper direction. I implore all of you to take the initiative, let your voices be heard. For some, such conversations can be a conclusion to years of searching for truth. I say, this is only the beginning.

I agree with everyone here!<br />
Thank you Silent Crusader for your marvelous insight.<br />
I have to add one more thing.<br />
Silent Crusader says: "If you have found god for yourself, than you have taken the first step toward enlightenment, one of many albeit. To search for god and a higher power means that you have taken direction."<br />
I say: if you do not believe in God or a Higher Power, you can still grow spiritually. God is not an essencial part of enlightment (Buddhists don't believe in a Higher Power). You may just as well believe in YOURSELF being as God as anybody else (which is still true for me, tho I believe in God as a separate Consciousness too). We are all God, spirits with unlimited spiritual potencial, connected together.<br />
So, don't feel you have to believe in god (or the "thing" you always heard god was) to be spiritual. We are all Spiritual from birth, we just sometimes don't really notice it... or we think we can't be spiritual unless we follow someone else's idea of "true" spirituality. We just ARE! And only need to BE to be Spiritual.<br />
As SilentCrusader said, your faith, your values, your true spirituality comes from within, don't put your faith outside in some idea outside yourself, search it inside. And think of everyone else and the world to grow inside.

I know I have posted this entry on a few different religious topics, but i think it's pertinent to this conversation -<br />
<br />
The path of enlightenment comes from within. Proof of god cannot be found in a book or a church. It does not come from wood and stone. "God" can only be found in the choices that we make. Do not look for god in the sick and the dying - they are waiting for YOU to help them! We say: "How can god let these things happen"? My question is, how can you? Religion, like all things human, has many aspects - some which are good, and some which are not. Without the church in these modern times, there has <br />
been a rapidly declining moral structure in our society. Where now will our values come from, if not from god? They should come from within. They should have always come from within. Why must we hide ourselves behind commonalities? The fallacy of religion is to put your faith in an idea. To believe in anything completely and wholeheartedly entails you are willing to fight for it, to kill for it, and to die in it's name. Does that not make it inherently evil? What pretentious fools are we to claim ownership to the almighty? I believe in god. I believe in a god that is accepting of all his children, without the need to ask for it. I believe in a higher power that has given us the responsibility to do what is right and just in this world. We live in constant chaos, much of which is derived from centuries of religious zeal. I ask all of you this; does your faith come from within? If so, then I have proven my point moreover. If not, than you are only hiding behind an ego you probably aren't even yet aware of. If you have found god for yourself, than you have taken the first step toward enlightenment, one of many albeit. To search for god and a higher power means that you have taken direction. Do NOT sully that cause by handing your initiative unto the hands of others.LEARN from everything, and preach nothing. Think on it. <br />
<br />
The truth is that the only one who can guide you along the right path is you. It's not about who goes to heaven or hell, who wins or who loses, it is the journey that defines us. The next step is our responsibility to one another. The meaning of life, is that life has meaning. To accept only one possibility is to deny yourself a life worth <br />
living. Whether you believe in a god or not, he has given us the gift of choice, and know that because of this (and for this purpose) he believes in you. So finally, to those that would "choose" to use the words of god in pride, and out of greed and ignorance - I say this: <br />
<br />
WE will be praying for YOU.

lovethewind says.. "I did find my own spiritulal awareness and am going strong with it."<br />
<br />
I think this is the approach to take.. you need to start with your own spiritual awareness and follow it. I believe this is really the heart of spiritual practice.. to look within, and follow what you find there. Others can help to guide you, but if you follow someone else without letting your own intuition have a prominent role, it just doesn't seem to me that you would find a depth of practice needed to progress very far.. which is essentially what JoyBelle has said.

I have to agree with you whole heartedly. I didn't "wake up" myself till 11 years ago. And find that most people (Christians/Catholics) have very little knowledge of the religion outside of what they are told by their preacher/priest. I could say a lot here, but I don't wish to offend anyone.

I grew up in organized religion. When I got older I didn't like what they were teaching me and boycotted religion. But I did find my own spiritulal awareness and am going strong with it. I have my own relationship with the lord. Those walls in a church don't save you, it's what you have in your heart and only the Lord knows what that is...Nice story and God bless

I couldn't agree MORE & have had this very argument with many others.

I agree.

It is true. One's own perception of the truth about God and any religions aside are imperative for real spiritual growth and connection with God. Good comment.