I was thinking that if you believe in your faith as much as I do then we are all right...what I mean is let’s say you are Muslim or something like that and let’s say you’re right, that if I don’t believe as you ,as a Muslim then I will go to hell. That’s your believe and you have the right to feel what you want. So let’s say you try and “save” me by telling me about your believe and still I go my own way …if your right and the Armageddon comes and God says to me” well everlasting spirit you where a good person ,you did nice things for other ppl you took good care of your family and yourself, you did not commit any crimes murder, steal, rape or anything like that, but you know hunny your not Muslim so I have to condemn you to hell sorry about that “….come on that doesn’t seem right to me, so if you believe your faith so strongly and tell ppl about it and they still don’t go the way you think they should go when that time comes you can’t say you didn’t try to save us right? We all have free will (that God gave to us) and I for one do not choose to believe in a God so condemning and worried about what faith you are. I choose to believe in an all loving God, all knowing, with no guilt and no sin that’s my choice. I can’t see me living my life so well in act of caring for others and God .Then God sending me to hell because I didn’t believe in one way or another ,I think there are many paths to God . There is a difference here ,when you look at me you think poor girl is going to hell because she doesn’t see that our way is the only way in …I and look at you and say you’re a good, loving, caring person, I’ll see you on the other side …  


Let’s look at this cartoon like, let’s pretend that there are only 20 ppl in the world. 10 ppl believe that you have to pray 10 times a day and take care of animals to get to heaven. 5 ppl think that the only way in is to meditate and take care of the earth plants and things like that. the other 5 ppl don’t think you have to do anything in fact they think that you just die and that’s all there is too it, but they think you should treat your planet and other ppl the way you would want to be treated …God then comes down and says ok even though you are all good ppl, those of you who don’t believe in me go directly to hell, do not collect 200 dollars and your are bad ppl. then he stands there and say’s hmmm who do I think is more worthy of my love… well I will pick the group of 10 because there is more of you to love me and glorify my name… even though I created all of you and sent you here knowing what you would choose because duh I know everything, I’m condemning the rest of you to hell.  


Something doesn’t seem right …. Does it?  it goes for all faiths not just Muslim, Catholic, Mormon ,Jewish, Jehovah witness ,Atheist and the list goes on. Who is to say I am 100% right and I know all there is to know about the correct way of believing? I am not one who will say that, ever. I know nothing in comparison to what there is to be known out there (and neither do you)but I am searching and I still think that’s better than thinking there is nothing...(no offence to atheists) I am searching for my own truths. Tell me what you think  

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So God the All Loving wanted people to suffer? Including innocent children who are born with handicaps and die before reaching an age when they'd understand what's the pain for?<br />
That's hard to grasp. It's easy to say "he has a reason" but you see, assuming he has a reason, and he gave people intelligence to know something about him, that doesn't say a very nice thing about him.<br />
We reached a stage in civilization when we don't even put animals to cruel tests, even we, the limited humans. I have a hard time believing God really wanted it this way for people.

I would like to add here that I think that part of the reason God put famine and hunger and need in this world of abundance is for their life lessons as well how would someone know what a life like that would be like unless they lived it? I know it sounds horrible who would choose such a life? Some strong sole who wanted to learn and help. Also to show us what is wrong and in need...a lot of times in history ppl suffer to show us change...yellow fever, small pox, the black plague these things came and went and thousands of ppl died in the process but we also learned things from all of it sometimes ppl choose to suffer to bring about change in a whole for everyone. Your right there is enough for everyone and yet ppl go without food there is always a bigger reason for things that we cannot see at this time … also as love say’s thinking or talking about it brings in the energy needed to help, that type of helping is still new and being explored, how certain energies or thoughts that are things become factual. My point here is if ppl didn’t chose to have bad things happen to them like starving or some horrible disease then there would be no one to learn from. I’m a bit tired so I hope this comes out correctly and makes sense if not write and I’ll clarify later

LILLILOU, I understand what you are saying. But, What if God is showing us all of these problems in the world, so that we as people can see these issues and change our hearts and minds toward compassion. The government is made of people too. God is not just showing these horrors to us so we can think "Wow it really is not right that people have to live this way." He is showing us so that we will all work together to do what we can to solve these issues. Even if we are discussing it with someone, our energies are picked up by the universe. If we are showing compassion in how we speak and feel about what the people of the world are going through, it all goes out to the universe as compassionate thoughts. IE: positive thoughts, if we are sickened by the atrocities. Negative energy if we support them.<br />
<br />
LILLILOU, I don't mean to signal you out. It is just that you wrote your post and caused these thoughts to come to mind. No offense intended toward you. This world needs to wake up on so many levels and I am glad that you helped these thoughts to form in my mind. Thank you<br />
<br />
I hope this makes sense to others, it does in my mind anyway. But who knows maybe I am having a wacky day.

I think we should focus on the fact that their are people in this world who are deprived of the universe's one gift of a good life and that is hunger and fresh water and the planet, not a religion who condems people for not believing in what they believe is their salvation. The universe has given us all we need to survive on and be completely happy ( our heaven) But the church and the government think they know whats best for everyone, Telling us what is right from wrong , causing confusion in our hearts and doubts in our mind which makes us think what we are doing or what we have done in our lives is wrong, Who are they to say . Every person in the world has equal rights to the planets resources, Not one person should be begging for shelter and food.If their was a god out there somewhere , Where is his compassion.Its all about power and greed and that is their devil.Money the root to all evil.And when people start to realize what is important what a wonderful world it would b.Religion has a lot to answer for i say.

Whoa, I'm late on this story "tip" - ES, I love how you presented a logical argument on a god who is jealous, petty, mean-spirited and crass enough to ditch good people because they don't belong to a specific group! Sounds like some unfortunate people to me!<br />
<br />
What if god, the ineffable, is beyond our cognitive powers, beyond our comprehension? Still, we would have the divinity of the planet, our animal bretheren; of humans, of the universe. Veneration of the self, and others. Even this seems preferable to dry refusal of all faith, whether or not one believes in god.<br />
<br />
Thank you, darling spirit, and the many who answered here, for another thought-provoking story thread. Lovely.

So true, so true. How would you know if others agreed with you if you never shared your thoughts with them.<br />
<br />
We should all be ourselves. If we are happy with ourselves as people, then we shouldn't be afraid to share almost anything. <br />
<br />
I am at that stage of life where, I say what I want or feel and if people don't agree with me, oh well. I do find the more I express my thoughts, the larger my circle grows. That is a good feeling. Love to all.

Thank you all for you comments, I wasn’t sure how you all were going to take it but I’m glad it went over so well. Sometimes you just have to write what you feel no matter how you think others will react, if your being true to yourself then no need to worry . luv you all )))hugz(((

I agree with you totally, this was the foundation of my crisis of faith 12 years ago. It didn’t make sense. The same questions you have, led me on a journey that has proved beneficial to me. I went to the altar of my soul and found my beliefs there. There are evolutionary, in that they are not static dogma, but a living breathing faith that grows. No one can say w/ 100 percent accuracy what is right or wrong, it really becomes personal matter.

I for the most part agree with you, and my mom (who's opinion on religion I respect and value highly) I think would totally agree with you. What she thinks and what I think would be too long to go into detail here, but that is a great post. Well done.

agnostic, I never heard of that. would you explain a little about that in a story and message me if you do? Thanks.

Well put, and I totally agree with you. Your 'cartoon' example is a great way to explain your views.<br />
<br />
One thing I can't stand is people that act as though you're a sinner just because you don't hold exactly the same beliefs as them. As an agnostic, I like to think that if I died and found myself at the pearly gates, God would admit me for having lived a good life, even though I'm not a Christian. I hate to think that, if God really does sent non-believers straight to Hell, that people I admire such as Ghandi and Socrates are burning right now.

Everlasting Spirit I am responding without reading the other responces first. All my own thoughts. I will read theirs after posting.<br />
<br />
I think that was one of the best stories that I have ever read on here. You put your point across very well. You hit on some very sensitive issues. It makes people think. ISN'T THAT THE PURPOSE OF A STORY? To get people to read and think about how they feel about what was read. Correct we all have freedom of thought, speech and will.<br />
<br />
Here is what I think. God, whatever name you choose to call him, is an all loving God. I don't think there is a particular religion he has choosen to be the correct one and only. I think he wants us all to "Love each other as we love ourselves. Do on to others as we would have them do on to us. Spread the name of God and draw people to him." Key word in there is DRAW. He hasen't asked us to force, drag, guilt, demand or judge others. As a mater of fact I believe he gave us free will so that we would CHOOSE to go to him. Choose to Love him with all our hearts. Choose to show others kindness and love because we KNOW it is the right way to act. I think we are supposed to learn from our own actions and the actions of others. That is why we are not perfect. I believe it is his plan to watch, guide and see what we choose to do with our lives. Yes some of us may waste a good part of our lives not learning from our mistakes. Others may never learn what God wishes. Some of us are just born with kindness and love in our hearts. I wish I was one of the later group, but I am a member of the first. I always believed in God, but did not show my love for him in my actions and the way I treated others. I have learned quite a lot from my mistakes and the mistakes of others. I am still learning and I know I have a LONG way to go!!! The main fact is I am seeing the light and my path is now headed in the direction of the white light. I am happy with the person I am now. <br />
<br />
Yes, I speak of my God with love to others. If they are interested in my beliefs I will share them with anyone who wishes to know. I have meet a lot of loving and giving people this way. There are a very few that may say they believe I am wrong or that they are not interested in hearing what I had to say. To these people I wish them well, then I pray for them. I pray that the Lord send the right people into their lives so that their eyes and heart may open up to the lord.<br />
<br />
Every person who you have ever met or has come into your life has taught you or shown you something. Sometimes we do not see it, but it is shown to us anyway. It seems that the older I get the more attention I pay to the people in my life. <br />
<br />
I used to be a very mean and nasty person. And I mean nasty. I went through some issues and had some people come into my life that have showen me a different way. The way of Love and kindness. Since I changed my way of thinking and living, I have met and spoken to SO many loving people that I never realized were around before. <br />
<br />
Good kind people are out there, sometimes we do not see them because we don't smile or say hello. Those 2 small things can turn into wonderful experiences for all involved. Try it and you will see.<br />
<br />
In closing. God IS all loving! He is a forgiving God and he wishes us to be with him, be it here on earth or after we cross over. This may shock many, but I believe what we live through here on earth is our hell. Just think of the things we have to survive here. The loses, pain and hurt we live through makes us all stronger. That is unless we choose to throw in the towel. But it is also our responsability to do our best to show others love and support so that they never get to that point. If it does happen and someone chooses to throw in the towel, it is THEIR choise. God will still love them. He will then go about showing that person what they should have learned the first time around. I believe eventually we all turn to God. If we can LEAD others to him that is GREAT, but we can't drag or force them to love God, because that is not the true love from our hearts. God wants us to want to love him.<br />
<br />
I love my God and will do what I can to draw others to him. In my heart I am being the best person I can be and I believe God is happy that I am now living my life with him on my mind most of my day. Thinking, "Am I doing what the lord wants me to do?" Most nights I can truthfully answer, Yes today I was the best person I could be.<br />
<br />
I wish an abundance of all good things to all and ask God to bless you all.

yes i agree. the difference in our viewpoints shouldn't be where we look we should be looking fro the similaries and if they would they would see the underlying point would be unconditional love. that is where we should start at. be like all of the great ones who have come here to teach us. what they lived, what they spoke of, what they wanted us to do is to love ourselves and God fully and love others with the same love. unconditonal love.

I totally agree with you my friend. Religions got created by people who want to take under controll other people. then religions want to take other people who belong to another religion because of get to big power and they have started to classifield people, they have started to WAR for the name of religion, they have KILLED people for the name of religion... what kinda religion can be extremely brutal for the name of high power (god, allah or whatever you want to give a name). It is so human not high power... That is why i dont beleive religions... <br />
What kinda higher power wants to punish people who has created by higher power. What kinda higher power wants to scare people who has created by higher power. What kinda higher power wants to command people by a gift insteed of set them free to command theirself by their mind and heart. That is why i dont believe heaven or hell...<br />
I trust my heart, my soul and my mind... i love all people, no matter what they believe, i love all nature and creatures no matter who created... <br />
<br />
Peace, love and light... Namaste,<br />