I stumbled across EP searching to answers to a few “life” questions, like many of us. On the outside I am tough business man, but secretly on the inside I am on a quest to enlightenment myself (if that’s what it is called), which I hide from my friends.

It started a couple of years ago when I begin to read a few books on Quantum Physics, Parallel Worlds, Double Slit Experiment, Collapsing wave Function, etc. I am an analytically guy and thought it was a fun new subject to study on my free time. OK I am a Geek. Most of my friends are running around playing with their fancy cars, drinking and trying to get laid.

Quantum physics rocked my world. The 1922 Noble prize winner Dr Niels Bohr said it best: “Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood a single word” Some of these bizarre things are proven mathematically and reproducible scientifically by crazy people like Thomas Young, Albert Einstein, etc.

In fact Einstein made the greatest made the greatest blunder in his career when he disregards his own mathematical theory about - The Theory of Relativity. No way “Einstein though” the universe could still be expanding and doing so at an accelerating rate. He had the mathematical answer and still rejected it. The Hubble Telescope proved Einstein’s maths / Theory and disproved his personal opinion.

Anyway I then made the link between Quantum physics and religion. After studying some of the major “accepted” religions which do in some form incorporate some of the weird world of Quantum Physics I branched off into metaphysical world. Now for reasons I cannot explain I am confident the science of Quantum physics and the metaphysical world will eventually both be proven to be true and validated by the “acceptable” scientific research.

By understanding a bit of Quantum physics, the conscious and subconscious mind (5% and 95% of our brain power respectively). The relationship between making the 5% conscious and 95% subconscious mind of ours to work together (manifestation) and subatomic particles, energy, etc. We will eventually prove the correlation between Quantum physics and the religious or metaphysical worlds. Not really sure why some people think these are mutually exclusive goals.

I am just looking for a few people out here that might have some more insight on these issues and others we can share.

PS then again maybe I should be out drinking with friends LOL
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Welcome to the mysterious world we live in. You've discovered the theories and science that open the world of metaphysics. If you want to experience this world, which I suggest, start with energy. Discover the relationships between your thoughts and energy. One possibility is with Reiki. While it's advertised as an alternative form of healing, it is much more. Finding a Reiki master to do a session to you helps connect you to the energy body (another part of you) and the universe. Just two 90 minute sessions will rock your world even more (but in a gentle way).

Another geeky way is with a high quality brain entrainment device. I learned meditation and biofeedback using this device. I don't use it very often today, because it taught me how to reach different levels of consciousness without its aid.

If you think the theory is world altering, try some experiences. Find some other people like yourself. You can try meetup.com and search under metaphysics. You would be surprised at who you know are on a similar journey.