Converted From Religious To Spiritual, Feel Like I Made The Right Choice

I've always felt some connection with a deeper, spiritual side of me, I could never be a full blown atheist.  I grew up in religion, I was raised Lutheran, and although I don't associate myself as Lutheran, I am glad that I was brought up this way.  I feel like it helped grow a spiritual side to me, as well as gave me a good dose of information from which to draw my own conclusions from.  I don't believe in the Bible as fact or history, though I do recognize the power it has to bring good to the lives of millions, which hats off to it for that.  I don't believe any human can ever know or even begin to understand the reason behind all this, though I do feel there is indeed a reason or rhyme for it all.  One that extends beyond human perception and mental ability.  To try to figure it out seems almost silly. 

In many regards I do almost consider myself anti-religious.  As I said, I recognize the power it has to bring good to the world for many.  However, on a broader level, it has also brought a bunch of hatred and violence into the world.  Religion could probably be blamed for more deaths and suffering in the timeline of humanity over any other cause.  It's not the relgion itself, it's when people set out guideline and rules that it must follow, to the point that they feel everyone else is wrong and even to the point of hatred.  In my experience of growing up in the church, I've known a grandfather to condemn a close family member to hell for following just another sect of Christianity!  I can't imagine how he feels towards Buddhists, Muslims, etc... This gross condemnation and blindness just always made me sick.  I always felt like a majority of the religious people I knew merely followed blindly, without coming to any of their own conclusions or soul searching.  Now I don't apply this to all self described Christians or other religious followers, but beyond an individual level I think organized religion leads to more problems than good.

I am very spiritual however, don't let my anti-organized religion views lead anyone to believe I'm a cold hearted curmudgeon.  I can't say that all this universe was merely a freak chance, or that the evolution of a clump of matter which has the ability to percieve and ponder and reason is without meaning.  It's like the "if a tree falls in the woods" question, if the universe was just a freak occurence, if life didn't evolve to perceive it, does it truly even exist?  That in itself is a miracle to me.  That we can get even the slightest enjoyment out of a life that was somehow given to us, isn't that a more unbelievable miracle than anything?  Whatever this all means, or whatever happens when we die, I can't be scared or worried about it.  The notion of hell is absurd to me, eternal damnation over a mere blip in the huge timeline of the universe?  I could never believe in a God who damns for eternity over just 80 years of life.  So I'm gonna love every second I'm put on this planet, and when I die, I'll return to whatever allowed me to be.

Wow, didn't mean for it to be this long.  Got a little carried away.  Well, if anyone actually stuck around for the end of this I thank and apoligize to you lol.  I'd love any replies and would be happy to hear any counterpoints or arguments if done respectfully.  Much love to all my fellow human beings...

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we are not all the same. this is something christians have a huge problem accepting. what works for them might not work for us. And it doesn't. we're a little too open to the universe for that narrow a view. nhot everything not of 'God" is automatically of "Satan". There ARE more that just two ways about existance

Trust me I've researched a lot, I grew up in the Bible...I'm asking people who follow the Bible to do their research. Do you really know the history of the Bible?? I did pay attention in sunday school, the problem is sunday school isn't teaching historical fact.<br />
<br />
And my point was there is no way man can know what spirit to follow, we can't understand this world. I mean spiritual as in I believe in something greater than myself, not that I have a certain spirit with a name I follow.

if u are ok...antireligious it ok..but what spirit are you following if you dont believe in the are you being spiritual?....u didnt pay attention in sunday Satan deceives many beaccause he wants us to follow him straight to more reasearch dont just go off on this think about it more ok...I have no idea what is lutheran.