My parents were catholics.  Pious and devout people.  We went to mass every Sunday.  Yet my parents were catholics in the (evangelical) spirit and no blind followers of the (formalistic) law.  They didn't discriminate between believers and non-believers.  Their criterion was the heart and the soul. 

I saw people ending up in a religious crisis, struggling with their faith.  That never happened to me and I hardly understood why it happened to others.  I lost my faith like a tree loosing a leaf in autumn.  It was very natural and evident.

Later on I witnessed -and still do- the outrageous effects religion can have on humans.  It's a shame.

I don't think it is that much important whether we believe in God or not.  What counts for believers and non-believers as well, is to live a decent life and not to be selfish all the time. 

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This is a struggle for me. Religion is one thing my heritage is strong about. I grew up in Catholic schools...with nuns even! And also in the university years...with priests even! But all those teachings and grooming for me to continue with the faith...it's like a playing hide n seek...it escapes me from time to time. Perhaps to be spiritual is more conforming for me, for my life, for my being.<br />
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If I say this out loud to my family, they might disown me! LOL

indeed, Dolly, what more can we do?

me too .. I believe in the power of goodness and doing my best to be a good person everyday.