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Why Lock God In?

You can’t box in or place this pure entity in boxed words….

Like truth “It has no boundaries”

That is why……. The shift is occurring so that the OLD ways of religion can no longer contain hold the never ending expanding pure essence that all is…..

Peace to All!
1UNITY 1UNITY 56-60, F 4 Responses Oct 15, 2011

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That is one thing I have learned --- God is limited to the confines of religion that mankind has tried to place Him in. <br />
God is bigger than Christianity.<br />
He is bigger than Judaism.<br />
He is bigger than Islam.<br />
He is bigger than Zoroastrianism.<br />
He is bigger than the minds of humankind.

God is manifest in all things!

Agreed. Yet many religions and individuals seem to place Him in a box that we call the Bible, and use it to dictate how God must be. They deem a leatherbound book to be the words of the Lord. But the problem is, is they use it to claim they know God, and then act as God to throw their religion onto others. Isn't that against what the bible states? About the "men in black who will play and act as God but are not God?"

No Thing has boundaries: except that which we give them! <br />
That's what life is about removing the Boundaries.....

Sorry bloke, but Truth has boundaries - if you say God has no boundaries, and Truth has no boundaries then you are saying that TRUTH might as well be lies as new agers say there is no right or wrong, and maybe that is the reason why you cannot see your own faults and need to blame others for pointing them out to you - - because you cannot accept the lies you tell being the Truth about who and what you are.

You do bring vavoom to the postings… the spice of life!

The best definition that has been given to God is Truth. Now there cannot be two absolutes, so the One Absolute, the One Truth , One existence what is called God. The fire that burns the hand is the very fire that cooks the food. There is the essence, source and there is the effect or manifestation of the Absolute. Now this only makes one, the sole repository of one's actions, good or bad. That action is good which makes us realise our real essence, and bad action is that which takes us away from our real nature.