The Sweet Silence Free From The Bark

Silence the time between the bark
The impact of the teeth between the bones of incomprehension
To be silence is the truth of the dark
The human bite feels the separation from creation

Come and be mine time keeper till I weep to sleep
The embodiment of time illusion
The space between the spaces
Echoes of trapped mind so deep in meaning

When there is no meaning
Only the space between the spaces
Flow on into tomorrow empty of the past

Weep behind the computer
Your life on hold between the key strokes
Your life in momentum in hold by information frustration
Why push the push when the flow is in momentum

The rush to be first is the rush to be last
The creator is in full bloom
The creator is GOD

Flow with the flow
Or block your enfoldment
By the fragmented fraction of dark illusion
Come into the centre
Leave the dark thoughts behind

The centre of creation
In the centre
The Silence

The Sweet Silence
beopendoor beopendoor
56-60, F
Feb 12, 2012