There Is Life After Death

When I was 21 my mother was diagnosed with lung cancer. Over the next 2 years she tried everything to stay alive. Unfortunately, the only chemo that put her cancer into remission also made it so she could not walk. She did not want to live like that and decided to stop chemo, hoping for the best. Well it was not to be, she went downhill FAST. I do not know why, but she decided that she wanted to tell me what she wanted for her funeral and what she wanted to wear, etc., etc. I was upset but listened. I slept on the couch in the living room where her hospice bed was set up. She woke up in the early morning asking for help to use the bathroom, constantly apologizing for the trouble. I assured her that I did not mind, she apologized again. She was on oxygen and the sound of the air being forced in and out of her lungs was very upsetting. About 7am, the oxygen sound changed, evened out. I think I knew then that she was gone, but was not ready to face it. Evidently, someone else felt the same. I heard my mother say “I did not get to tell her I love her.” The most beautiful male voice in the whole world replied “she knows” and I feel back to sleep to wake when I was ready to face the hard truth. If not for that Voice, I would not belief in anything at all.
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My father visits me often! Taking into account the corrupt inviroment I live in I wouldn't trade my relationship with him for anything. I was 3 he was 23 these numbers follow me everywhere! Your mom is still alive she simply shed her painful coat of life!

I love your story and believe you wholeheartedly. It's amazingly wonderful that such a simple event (you hearing the voice of your mother and the loving male voice in reply) can have such a profound result. I've read many other experiences like yours, and have been moved deeply by them. I'm very happy for you, and do believe my mother is happy on the "other side" now, but I can't help wishing I would experience something similar!

Hi magnoliadawn,,,,,thank you for sharing your beautiful story. I hope you know she is with you every day.

Churches are holy enough without god so he never goes there.... but I have met him a time or 2 along the path.... and in the darkest of nights.... he is there...