Religious Respect

I think beliefs are a very important part of the human mental structure whether it's standard gods or tealeaves and aliens. As children, we naturally reach for a parents hand when we are upset, frightened or confused. We resect and trust their greater understanding and wiser decision making
so we can enjoy a happy stress free childhood as much as possible. When we finally become adults though things change. We can and still do often rely on our parents for support, but we are older and more learned and realise that adults are fallible and limited in their support, and I think this is where a strong belief in something far greater fills the loss. In times of great stress or crisis it's still reassurring to feel that some sort of greater hand is there to hold onto and allow to carry our troubles. 'Walk with God and you will always be looked after, both now and in the hereafter.' is the general idea.
But our fate isn't always just put in the hands of gods, it can rest in many other things like Palmistry, Phrenology,Tarot cards, Horoscopes or even just a certain sense that 'today just feels like it's going to be a good day' or 'today I feel lucky'.
If I had to tick the box though, it would be 'Atheist' because I feel that every person has the ability to deal with life themselves and by learning how to deal with our own emotions and problems we do become stronger and more at peace within ourselves too. But I still understand and respect the power of a belief in that 'something else' that is a part of so many of us. I can't name or define it but I sometimes feel that life does have a certain pattern or path to it which is alterable in many ways and that comes through pure and simple friendship. The more people we know and understand the wiser it makes us in return. Caring and being sympathetic has it's own rewards, and knowing too whose shoulder to rest on when times are bad are equally important. EP is one such place where the mix is very alive and healthy. If you have a problem, someone has already been there first and will often be glad to share their experiences and views. If you're lonely there's always plenty of other lonely people about to chat too.
I'm a kid at heart that sometimes finds it hard top grow up but I have met so many people through my life that have either inspired or guided me that I rarely feel weak or lost for long any more.
So if the box was there on forms asking me what my beliefs were, I'd have to tick ' the spirit of man' because I truly believe that the more humans understand and try to help each other the closer we get to creating our own heaven on Earth.

PS:  I still like to believe in aliens, ghosts and Santa though..........annnnndddd wishing wells!!!!!, cos I'm only human!!!!!!!  :)
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lovely, i agree ,follow your spirit and not what the churches try to tell you