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In learning about philosophy and history, we talked about religion. Primarily, yoga is NoT a religion; but a mere belief to attain the spark of divinity within yourself, regardless of what religion you may have.

There is a prayer written by a theologian, Reinhold Niebuhr. It is quite long than most of us know or have come across. It is called the Serenity Prayer. And the famous version is this...

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

I grew up with this prayer, having gone to a private all-girls school run by nuns. To pray does not account for one to hold a religion. An atheist can pray. He calls it meditation; because praying is meditating.

So whether you call the One as God, or gOd, Ishvara, Oya, Shangdi, Yahweh, Buddha, Allah... does it really matter? Once you gain the wisdom to know it doesn't make a difference, the courage to accept the differences in personal beliefs cannot be changed... then you've granted yourself serenity.

Peace to the world.

Sylphy Sylphy 41-45, F 6 Responses Nov 4, 2012

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I love this<3 so beautiful

Thank you. =)

Thanks for the rate, Jus... peace! =)

May the Divine in me see the Divine in you!

My light bows to your light!
Namaste, sweets. =)

Wise words from one so young.
I've always felt that religion was a state of mind vs specific rules and regulations. Life is full of grey areas so we need some kind of roadmap but it is a lot about accepting oneself and those around us for who and what we are.

Young? We're about the same. Think you're misleading Mary with her WWII comment. Such tactics for someone adorkable!

The roadmap is what serves you best, whatever religion one chooses. But it has to come from the heart, not something that was forced on you because you were born to be in it, or because the rest of the world thinks so. There is a centre amidst the chaos of such differences... and that centre comes from within.
And I agree that the acceptance is difficult. But isn't it more worthy to realize the peace within after the struggles? It's the icing to the cake.

I know Geetar was too young for WWII. He was still a kid. hehe.

May you ride the ever shifting sands and winds of this world with acceptance and love of yourself and who you are, for then you can truly welcome in all others.

May your light shine through at all times.

I once wrote here about what yoga is to me. And in all the grace and healthiness it has shown me, the biggest thing is growing to love myself more. It's not an easy path. There are still struggles along the way. For the longest time, I've thought that I could only love myself more when someone fills in the gap. And never was there peace within as this plagued my thoughts.

Struggles serve not only as opportunities presenting themselves, but also as vehicles of growth.

As you have struggled to understand,accept, and love yourself, you have grown emotionally stronger. You have tested yourself, and if you have been honest and thoughtful and behaved with integrity, you have most likely moved forward internally in a path that feels right to you. I hope your steps remain strong and determined. The more whole/honest we are internally, the more able we are to accept and experience love ( and all of life) instead of being driven by needs to fill gaping wounds, manipulate and lie to alter the world so that others seem less threatening.

I fear the deceitful ones the most- for when they can lie so well, even to the point that they believe, and convince others in an alternate and warped reality, then they become most harmful.

May you be ever that much closer to finding that balanced peace both within and outside of yourself. "-)

Thank you, Dinah... I am where I am meant to be right now... and will continue walking the path... sometimes crawling... but hey, it's good exercise for commando skills. ;P

As long as the path is right.....go for it.. I will cheer you on.... (passes you the cammo sticks for make up and the night vision gear....)

Ooohh... I like lots of gear. Thanks! =)

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*shows you peace sign*