Is There Really An Afterlife

There is more of a chance that there is something, rather than nothing. For we live in an infinite universe, which means infinite possibilities, infinite probabilities.

7 billion humans on this planet. What about the other planets in this universe with life forms (maybe more or less evolved)? What if we are a single universe out of an infinite amount of universe"S". Do you think that every single life form that exists will go to "our" heaven? Or "our" hell? Heaven and hell is a concept that we humans created on our own.

I'm a little odd, if you can't already tell. But I think of the whole picture, the infinite picture. Who are we to say what is right, and what is wrong? Who are we to judge others for living their lives and learning through their experiences?

One of my conclusions:
I believe in the soul/energy. I also believe that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. We are ran off of energy, we use it on a daily basis. We are, in a way "infinite beings" (reincarnation). I believe that there is a positive and negative afterlife. Heaven (positive), you experience a positive afterlife. You experience this warm love feeling, visit family members (deceased or not). Hell (negative), you experience a negative afterlife until you can balance out positive and negative energy.

It's like a dream state for 49 days, until your soul, once again, reaches the fetus. Buddhist have been saying that the soul reaches the fetus at 49 days in the womb, not too long ago, scientists have found that the brain is flooded with DMT at 49 days in the womb. The third eye, pineal of the soul.

When I think of this conclusion, I am quite glad that we forget our previous lives. If we could remember them and the afterlife, that would be enough knowledge to make our physical brains explode.

I think what we are experiencing is a war with our own bodies, between positive and negative energies. Just do "good" and you'll be fine. For we are all equals separated by labels. A single belief or disbelief in something has NOTHING to do with the afterlife if there is one. We should live our lives happily...maybe this right here is our reward. :)
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I think you would enjoy this free movie on youtube called, "the boy who lived before" it is about reincarnation. Some children dont forget past lives :)

I believe our physical bodies and environment are a lower frequencies manifestation of "God" ... I feel so iffy about the word god though ...because culture has given it such a humanized make over. But to me god simple means the Universe and everything that "is"...... god is existence. Including us.

I believe life as we know it IS the "afterlife" everything is either conscious or unconscious energy but it is all consciousness and our bodies are temporary tools that encase this conscious energy. We have evolved on this planet to developers tools ... These tools are our senses. And our senses colorized this conscious energy into memories and we all move through this life creating memories expanding off each other. That is the goal of the universe... Expansion... Once we die our physical bodies dissolve back into the earth and becomes one with the elements. Once we die we are forced to let go of our bodies and that is when I believe we will realize that " I " is all there ever is. Our conscious human mind will fade into the infinite potential source.... like a drop water into an ocean we will become one... One conscious mind existing as all the moving parts in the same present moment. The present moment is god. It's the conscious universe.... When we realize who 'we' are we will be free from fear and from there who knows... If you we're one with the universe what would you do? LIVE AGAIN right. In another form of your choice maybe...? Is there a progressional course of existence like a school? Maybe a level up like a game? I don't know...or maybe i just don't remember actually haha. I hope you follow me you seem deep enough to have these kind of conversations ! :) If there is and after life or if there isn't... It all points to one thing... To Live it up . PEACE

Thank you for the enlightenment.