God Is A Three Letter Word

God is a 3 letter word

God is a simple 3 letter word
Since your birth it’s been heard
All part of religious programming
Like JC on the cross; forgiveness of sin

When I say god, really do mean
Our mission control; godhead divinity
The creator of which we all comprise
Created out of love; shouldn’t surprise

Cos we were all created the same
Even master Jesus, other famous names
Religion would have you think I’m insane
Their power over you, only to maintain

Religion translated means to restrict
On your head, putting a box right over it
Tricking you out of who you are
And helping the world lower your bar

Of all religions, can definitely see
They confuse or put off god endlessly
People think they need a sacred space
To connect with all of the divines grace

Which has always been inside of you
To guide, inspire and lift your blues
The godhead is your bonus ball
Together with angels, can prevent falls

So even though theres no single god
Sat on a throne with a beard and rod
I persevere with using that word
As since time immemorial has been heard

Go today and use the power you have
The power of god in your very own hands
Honour your inner church every day
Makes for empowered future days

And please don’t think you need
To connect with god, someone in-between
Your connected anyway all of the time
Church is inside you not with bread and wine

41-45, M
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

This is marvelous. I'd like to thank the person who created this... So I'm sending myself love so eventually.... It it make its way to the creator of this post ;) peace out fellow perspective.

thankyou thankyou