3 Days On High

I cannot convey my experience accurately in words, because it went beyond form and so beyond words, but I will tell as best I can what happened.

I had been exercising faith daily, vigilantly, for nearly two years. I'm not saying that any of the following details caused my experience or were necessary at all; they were just the way it was for me. I had no job, no money, no phone, no ID, no vehicle, no insurance. I had clothes, a guitar, and a laptop.

During those two years, I traveled a fair amount. I spent time in Florida, Michigan, New Mexico and California. I never slept outside unless I wanted to. I never went hungry. I never begged for anything from people or God. I had what I needed; not always what I wanted, but more often than not, I had what I wanted too.

So, there came a period of 3 days, where I...I awoke to some truth, some new reality that existed beyond judgment. For three days, I experienced complete bliss and total joy. Everyone I met or saw was happy. Everyone smiled, laughed and talked. I went to a film festival in a fairly large city where many hundreds of people walked the sidewalks from theater to theater, and every single person was joyful.

And it wasn't that I recognized that they were joyful. It was that nothing other than joy had ever been, so it was not notable at the time. The absolute perfection of the reality I experienced was wholly natural, as if nothing other than that perfect truth had ever existed. Death wasn't. Sickness wasn't. War wasn't. There was no lack of hate; hate had never been.

To go on would be to just ramble. So, that's that story.
NotAnyBody NotAnyBody
36-40, M
Dec 15, 2012