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I have never been religious. Nor has any of my immediate family been religious. And sometimes I feel like maybe if I had been brought up to go to church, pray, and preach the word of god, that maybe, I would be 'religious'. What I'm trying to say is that...if someone who believed or praised religion were to never be introduced to it in the first place... would they still think in the back of their mind that yes there is a god? Would they go to church if there family had never been before? Or would they be like me... Religion-less, a believer of karma, a questioner?
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1 Response Jan 8, 2013

I believe people left alone (actually no one is left alone, everyone is influanced by the people they interact with) can come upon the idea of God just by observing the world and thinking about themselves. Many Childeren brought up in athiest homes become seekers in matters of Spirituality and Faith without prompting of their family and relatives.

Good point! Thank you