Why Are Christians Against Other Beliefs?

I would like to make an observation. One that will be argued base on these things:
1. Who you believe God is
2. What you believe religion is
3. Whether or not you believe in the bible
4. And what you believe the purpose in life is
Since everyone has a different view or way of expressing these view I know almost everything I say will bring up and issue.

As I write this I am aware of all the arguments that will come about from every word I write. You hear of people with spiritual gifts and this is mine. I have the ability to see all sides of an argument and know what is controversial, what to say to not cause problems and help people make middle ground in arguments. I know why people argue against Christianity because I can see spiritual world views through other peoples eyes.

So this begs the question of why I am writing this if I know what will come about.

I would like to answer by saying it is because I believe something and I find it therapeutic to talk about it. Where as when I bottle it up I go crazy. This is not written to insult anyone of any faith, but rather to point out why I and others believe what they believe, with the topic being Christians and New Age spiritual beliefs.

Why are Christians against other beliefs? I would like to use an example for this question.

Awakening, as many of you already know, generally refers to the awareness of self regardless of whatever spiritual path taken ( please forgive my lack of ability to define things).

Christians are against this.


Because Christians believe that it is not ourselves that we answer to spiritually. Many do not see this life as belonging only to us and we being only accountable to ourselves. We believe that this life belongs to God and for us to believe other religions would be unrighteous and unholy. It is what leads to a place called hell.

That last part may sound mean, but please understand that I just want to point out what is believed and taught. If right or wrong belongs to God than that is the way it is, but if we only answer to ourselves for our statements than what I have written is judgmental and insensitive. What you read from this will be determined by what you believe.

I have heard the term awakening many times from many different people. What I understand of it is that is comes to be spiritual sense of greater understanding of the human spirit in this life and the journey we go through in this world being more about the spirit and less about the body. A greater sense of self and awareness of the spiritual things around them. The “religion” or spiritual path they take in life is just one of many that leads innermost being of ones self.

Why would Christianity be against such a thing?

Because, as I mentioned Christians answer to God. How do we, or should we answer to God? By understanding the Bible and trying to live the way God wanted us to. We believe the Bible is a book containing all the answers.

One may ask, What answers? Does it tell you how to not burn pie or should you where the green coat or the red one?

Perhaps not those. But the answers that we see truly matter. For one to call themselves a Christian they must follow Christ and desire to take the gift of life that he gave us. Everything Christ did on the earth, based on Biblical account, was to point to the Father. The almighty God, creator of heaven and earth. He died so we could be closer to him. The people Jesus had the most issue with were the self centered people who were greedy and twisted the words of scripture. If those people made him the most upset, surely the scripture must have value, meaning, words that should not be turned around and used for selfish unrighteous reasons.

To follow Christ is to desire to see the whole scripture through his eyes. Part of the Old Testament scripture states that we are not to follow other gods or make idols to replace God. ( One argument I know of to this statement is “Who is God”, which could lead to the idea of God that transcends religion and is in all religions, which would be contradictory to what the scripture says so this is an argument that just goes in circles and can be eternally argued if someone strongly believes in the foundation of the Bible and another does not). It is not that God can't be in other religions, it is that religions lead to worship of other things that do not represent God. It is like being a child and you going up to a stranger that is kind and gives you what you want. Would your parent not be upset that you are wandering over to this stranger and calling him or her father or mother. Perhaps this is a bad analogy but its the closest I could come up with.

And then there is the old testament, stories of slaughter and inhumane treatment toward others. Rules and regulations that would seem unjust. And I'll admit, this is a hard one for me to talk about. I know whats in the old testament. I am not ignorant to this things. It makes me cringe when I read them. But the one thing I remember through reading the Old Testament is that it is not about me or what I would disagree with. I trust that the same God that spoke of love and charity in the New Testament is the same one that knows what happened in the OT. All I can say is that the NT says that God never changes. So if God did those things in the OT out of hate why would he speak of love in the NT? Perhaps there is more those stories than the events. Many are upset that someone like me can look at the OT and say to others that God loves them. And I don't really know how to answer for it.

But if I believe I am to answer to God and no one else for what I believe, than I have to accept the whole Bible and live with not being able to answer all the questions that come with it. That's one form of faith that is hard to explain.

The belief in “Awakening” of the spirit is on an entirely different plane from the Christian idea of the Holy spirit given to us by God. This spirit is one spirit that resides in all that are trully followers of Christ. Whether they are “good christians” or “lukewarm christians” . It is a part of us that is given by God to allow us to be closer to the almighty God of the Bible. We do not believe it applies to other religions or other spiritual beliefs. I can't describe it, but once accepted it cannot be turned and twisted, it can only be listened to or ignored.

And many New Age followers (New age referring to the movement of buddhist, pagan, hindu, and many other various spiritual beliefs from the East and west coming together to bring about a sense of oneness bring new perspective to human spirit) believe this is the path that as Christians we should follow and not judge others for their path. However the part of scripture in the NT that contradicts this idea of go your own way is when Jesus says “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” John14:6. So if we are to follow the almighty God than we should have no other gods or idols and believe that Jesus is the only one that has lead the way to him.

Are there New Age groups that believe in Christ (I'm directing this toward other Christians reading this) the answer is yes. Why? Because of their ideas of who Christ was/is. That he came to this world to teach people of a universal or Christ conscientiousness. This varies among many people of different spiritual views but that's generally the idea.

The reason Christians that follow the Bible are against this is because to follow only Christs ideas and follow scripture is against what Christ “really” taught which what which was how we can all bring about the kingdom of God and be a part of it. To a Bible based Christian this doesn't make sense or at least defeats the point of believing in Christ.

Are there Christians that believe in many of the New Age beliefs including “Awakening”? Yes. I hear about it all the time from other Christians or people that say they follow christ but believe many different other things, not just New Age ideas. You get all different flavors of Christians and even some that claim they are but by the Bibles standards are not.

What I would like to bring up now is a slight change of topic. Types of Christians. Is this ok by Bibles standards? I believe so. We will never in this life know everything or achieve Godly perfection. That being said one could ask if someone could be so wrong they don't end up where God wants them too. This is also possible. So the spiritual problem is when do I know I am right or where I am wrong. And the answer is simple. It does not matter as long as you try to understand what God wants for you in life.

This is where I point out that it is hypocritical for Christians to say “All religions are wrong” because I believe that in each one is wisdom and some truth. But while it is the religion itself I am against, I am not agianst the people that believe it. Why? Because I believe other religions do not lead to God. But God has put many things on this earth that people have taken and done with what they knew best. I believe this is for a reason that I can bring up in another story some other time, but for now I'll just say that within every man and idea is a kernal of truth that can be taken many different directions and I believe that it does all point in one direction. That is God. This is not too different from what many spiritual people believe. But I believe to replace the God of the Bible with other gods or idols is wrong and this is what other religions accomplish. It does not mean that they are without knowledge or understanding but that they should see God through the words of the Bible and Jesus Christ.

All I think I accomplished with writing this is pointing out 3 things, what I believe, what Christians believe and what others believe. Pretty generic and I'm not sure if it accomplished anything. But like I said. Its quite therapeutic to write whats on my mind.
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1 Response Jan 17, 2013

In response to some of this post:
1) God is Love.

3) The Bible is the Word of God and it is all true, however, our understanding and interpretation of it is badly skewed, and so we have taught a lot of it incorrectly, and this makes the Bible seem false and makes God seem to be NOT Love, but HE IS LOVE.

4) The purpose of life is to grow in Love toward God and neighbor in all that we do.

5) Christian originally means Christ-ian which means to be of or like Christ.

6) God created all souls with a knowledge of the Truth, but then we have all lost it in varying amounts. The non-Christian religions are not necessarily false. Many of them are incorporating part of the Truth, but they are missing many key elements to the Truth. And, there are some religions which are anti-truth, where they actually work actively against the Truth, and Christians should only be against those religions. For religions that contain part of the Truth, Christians should lovingly welcome those people into Christianity and let them see for themselves that only in Christ does the Whole Truth exist. However, this must be each individual's own choice, without pressure. A true Christian loves everyone as God does.

7) Everything is contained within God, and God is within everything. Without God nothing exists. There is no other Source.

8) I liked a lot of what you wrote about following Christ, etc, etc..

9) Yes, the OT is greatly misunderstood, and we certainly can't explain it briefly here, but everything God allows He allows for the highest solution in Love, and we are not high enough to see what He sees, nor to understand His ways. However, the closer we get to God, the more we understand the OT, and the more it makes loving sense.

10) I started off reading this post thinking that I somewhat disagreed with you, but I think I was just misunderstanding what you were saying (because of the way you were saying it). And, by the end of the post, I was thinking that your personal beliefs are quite close to the Truth, but only God knows about that.