Damn, the things I could type on here if only I could describe my thoughts. I feel like the only thing holding me back from changing the world is this lack of communication that holds me back at every step of my life. I wish I could describe some thoughts I have had pertaining to theories I life and spirituality, but that's a hopeless battle. I could try but another individual would never understand the way I do. It's like being trapped, and it sucks. I will never be able to fully understand someone, and them me. It's almost like the combination of words to explain what I need to say don't exist, it's the shapes and patterns in my brain that I can't describe, that add the true meaning behind what I try to say.
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Not everything needs to be understood by everyone...as long as you KNOW and integrate it into your being then thats the important bit. Much more so than your skill at explaining it to others.
In truth your need to explain to others in such a way as to win their beliefs is amirror of yourself....your doubts.
Build your castle on foundations of bedrock and no wind or tremor will ever shake it.