I Know It Doesn't Make Sense Sometimes

Reading the Bible ever since i was a kid and praying should've made me the conservative kind by now but strangely though as i grew up i found myself describing and calling myself Spiritual. That's before 9/11 and how religion started getting slammed. My experience with God has always been personal rather than a ritualistic Sunday School or the regular church goer thing. The more i grew up,the more i realized that rather than rituals and rites God needs faith in what's good and doing what's good and the more i tried to do it the more i realized how easy it is to go to church every Sunday and how easy it is to join the Christian youth rather than being good. Being religious seemed easy where i grew up but being Spiritual as in following the Sermon on the mount and doing what is good just isn't. Speaking about poverty,against heathen,gays and what not is easy from the pulpit but being poor for the love of God isn't. Watching Evangelists fill their pockets with the money from the needy and sick as a handicapped woman pray to be healed alone that night at the gospel meeting isn't easy. Watching poor starve and perish while Preachers build one church after another isn't easy. So that's why i guess i moved away from calling myself religious. I learned that God is personal. That God is that voice that warns us from deep inside when we are wrong,That God is that innocent smile in a little child but i learned more than anything that God is love and that's why i am who i am. Yes to answer the question that might arise reading this,I believe in God and with all my heart i do. Despite the nuance some people create around him,I do. That will be my final word.


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Hi Houndmanv, I don't think you will ever find an honest answer from any religion to explain or give you the answers for many questions.That's why i don't go for stuff like that.You don't have to believe in any particular God.Being a good person is more than enough in this world.I think a good atheist/agnostic can be closer to God or that Divine being (if you do want to believe in it or like to phrase it as such) than a hypocritical regular Church goer.I don't know,Houndmanv,I have learned to that we are closer to understanding the meaning and reason that all those books are written when we do the best we can and be the good person we can and should be.My opinion is all.I hope still though that you will find God and learn to have faith in that being beyond the religious veil that sometimes covers him up.Good luck.Thank you for your comment,Houndmanv. :)

I drifted away from religions because they didn't explain what it is all about, and had contradictions I couldn't accept, and having faith didn't get it for me. I searched religions, and came to not needing any, and going direct. I don't believe in a god as such, and like to just experience life and the universe, and see what I learn, being open to what I perceive from my senses, not following anyone or group. They sound man made in what they preach.

Thank you sweetie,Today religion is really tainted and to be honest it has been tainted by people long time ago but having a set of simple morals and a pure belief in God in my view should suffice more than anything...I Completely agree with you...

I agree with you ...it is sad to see how organized religion in general instead of making peoples faith stronger , has , many times, destroyed faiths because of scandal and hypocrosy ..<br />
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However there are also many well meaning people , inclding theologians that really want to make a difference and have strong faiths ... and try to pass that on ...<br />
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My faith in the past has been broken by some of the very ones that should have set examples...I guess the point would be that to follow man is a mistake..... <br />
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but being the best person you can be , whether you believe in a higher power or not, living by some sort of moral code , is whats really important and will help you live a life that is happy and content..thats my opinion anyway ...<br />
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Thank you for posting this ...it really made me think ...