Something Deep....

Good Morning My World,

December 5, 2012
At 5:46am
Mood: Drifting with the Spirit

Dear Be to the Creator of the Universe,

I pray to the Most High to continue walk with me throughout living and death. Throughout time and many horizons and in the words that is spoken out of my tongue is the truth and only but the truth.

As I recite, my days have grown to meet many fulfillment and more to come. But at this hour leaves I to take the time to speak to the universe and dream of how are the world doing, do my Mother Earth still feel beautiful? It was due to the vision that I had a little after 3 30 (3:46a) this morning. I saw a pitch black solar eclipse with a crystallized ring around it. Then I was strike with a sharp headache-which is what woke me up completely out of my rest... Yes, I feel spontaneous with my oneness of course but the headache continues unfortunately and it is not bothering me to the extent that stops me from doing my daily or unexpected routines. I shared that with my soul mate what the Unseen has given me within the sunrise. He said it is a very deep vision; have yet to explain its meaning. He is also very spiritual but his mind is on work as we speak. I always sent my invitation out to the universe asking for their brilliant thoughts on what they see in and on life.

So my world, remember to be steady with your paces and please love life with all your being every day you rise and sets. Don’t forget, Life and Death shares the same mother and father.

~Always stay invaluably you~

A spirit
SpiritofACherokee SpiritofACherokee
26-30, F
Dec 5, 2012