Four months after connecting with my twin flame, I finally harmonized my human consciousness with my spiritual consciousness and OMG... Relief from the agony of separation from him. Finally! That was the worst anguish I have ever experienced. I thanked him for helping me, because that is part of the reason why we connect with our TFs; our own spiritual awakening and discovering our true selves. He said he was glad he could help, but there wasn't any feeling attached to the statement, which makes me feel somewhat sad. I still have things to learn about myself, life, the universe and everything, but I feel very optimistic, full of unconditional love and I am excited to continue on this amazing journey called Life on Earth. Laugh. Love. Live!
dolphinpoet dolphinpoet
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1 Response Aug 27, 2014

I'm confused. Did you parth paths? You are so positive. Its magnificent!

:) Thank you!!!!! ::HUG:: I do not believe that we have parted paths, but I'm a further ahead of him on the road. He's struggling with the duality of existence still, but we are connected and I'll keep tugging on this cord to show him the way. He's resistant I think because he doesn't believe he could be THIS lucky and that he doesn't deserve it because of how he's been with women his entire life - a total player. He's got Karma to resolve, but I think he's coming around to being ready to make the change. It's gonna be a bumpy ride! But he's got me. Thank you again for your kind words! :) I truly appreciate them.