Spoiled Brat

Everyone at work hates me because I am spoiled. I drive a new BMW, I have a 5 carat diamond ring, I just got a new diamond Tag Heuer watch for my anniversary, I only have desinger purses i.e. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry ect......I come to work well dressed, smelling like my designer perfume. I'm never struggling for money like they are before payday. I buy sodas for them sometimes and pay with my platinum American Express......so why do they hate me?????
Diorgirl Diorgirl
5 Responses Jul 29, 2010

Ppl are going to hate because they want what you have. They prob see you as some young thing with that was handed everything and prob doesnt deserve it. My response is screw them, do what you can and enjoy your life. You cant change who you are, the best you can do is maybe dress in designer thats less noticeable and maybe just for work use a coach bag or other lower-highclass stuff. Otherwise like i said, just be urself and if they hate there not much more you can really do.

wow...okay, they shouldn't hate you because of jealousy. yeah, it sucks that they had to work, but its how life is, and unless youre throwing it in their face, theyre just going to have to get over it..<br />
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I guess.. Looking nice is good. That's something everyone tries to do as much as possible.. Maybe downgrade it a bit? dont wear the expensive perfume every single day, or.. buy some cute purses that aren't designers..<br />
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but make sure that your money is why they don't like you. i wouldnt know, but.. it could be your personality..if youre a good person, though, they really have no reason to hate you.. just be yourself.. buying friendship won't do anything, though..

you can't exactly walk into a work enviroment with all the designer things that you have'nt even worked for and buy them sodas. You make them feel like the dirt on the bottom of your louis vitton designer shoes. Try trading places with them or someone even lower work status than you. Sorry to be frim but you asked the question

I dunno - in addition to buy 'em sodas, how about changing places with one - for a minimum of two months.

Because they're jealous. They think you've had it easy, getting everything on a silver platter while they have to work for what they have. That may or may not be true but either way it's pretty immature for them to hate you just because you have more than they do