Cultural Identity


I am kind of lost at the moment about my culture. I am Sri Lankan but I have never got involved in the activities or event. If I am involved with it, it is because of my parents. Today I felt really lost because my dad asked me how many Sri Lankan mates do I have? I replied 0. I never met any Sri lankan people through my school days, and when I went university i met a few but they where not so welcoming. Then my dad asked me send some info to my friends, and I denied it because I didn't feel like I was a part of the Sri Lankan community, and I don't have a political view. I don't really speak my language.

My mum and dad are patriotic Sri lankans. They are proud, and it feels like I should have strong feelings like them, but I don't know that much about my religion and culture. I feel like a lost generation. My dad made me feel less of a Sri Lankan today. I feel like I don't really belong any where atm. Is anyone feel like this?
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2 Responses May 4, 2012

You are not telling everything. The sentence ‘I don't really speak my language’ doesn’t make any sense. If you don't speak a language, it is not yours. What is your religion? Where are you? You answer all these questions and I will give you the answer.

You can always make a start somewhere. Of course you are not lost; you are just a little shy in a Sri Lankan community. You don't have to speak the language get friendly with a Sri Lankan ( I never do!). Next time you meet one Sri Lankan), just start a conversation in English, don't have that barrier. Just show them that you are a simple, sincere and a friendly person just like them. Cricket will be a good topic to start a conversation with any Sri Lankan!