Non Earth Bound..

I am currently going through a state of mind that wants to do many things simultaneously and also be many things to
Currently, I want to do may different things and be different things to different stake holders of my ID. So, you see what the mess I am .
I want to be good towards every body but also want to gratify my own private yearnings- this isnt always easy.

Thats why I need friends with whom you can share such issues without judgement.just vent out.

I am a guy who has been fortunate enough to be quite comfortable,educated & well read & well travelled by normal standards( strictly my opinion). Am not and will never be a burden to anybody.I like speed
( bikes,cars) and love solitude.I walk in the beach, play Golf and spend a lot of time ' stumbling upon ' with my iPad- all this after my daily chore of running my business.

Any body who likes Osho,Oscar Wilde & Dhamma will be my best chance of a friend.

I am in my fifties, now looking into a freeier egoless passing through. any like minded female or male friends, please give a shout.


ich2 ich2
Dec 6, 2012