A Little Bit, You Know.. Just Keeping An Eye Out.

Well it's nothin too seroius, I m just checking-up on some man online quite a lot.. but not in a harmful way..  obviously i wouldn't think that anyway.. so I  am aware of it which means i can't be crasie. Just watching.

demonizd demonizd
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3 Responses Mar 9, 2009

I here this kind of sick selfish behavoir goes on quite regularly,,,,and all I can say is you guys are going to be so so sorry,,,the Father and Mother are her and its not going to be very easy on any of you selfish sick sorry monukas,,,,Hey keep up the good work things well one day be right,,,Love and Light Mary

Well this was in March. There's no point in me stalking him around EP anymore. He doesn't come here anymore.. at least not on his old account, and I've not noticed him around using another one, so I am not stalking him now. He may still be planning a trip to Thailand in January, he appears to be going there looking for a girl around 12 years old to have sex with. It is old information, though.. and I think a lot of what he wrote in stories was deleted, so his intentions are not so obvious now, just from whiteboard posts and what information I got out of him originally. I don't know his last name, I know EP can't find his house cuz he was using a public computer. I know the region he is in, but not to any small area.. What should I do now? He said the trip was planned for January 2010. All I know is his first name.

sick! dont you have other options in life?