As You Were

I'm a stalker.

Maybe not so much a stalker as an explorer. One of the joys of EP is to visit a posting from my circle of friends and see where the threads of the story may take me. They can lead in unexpected directions with twists and turns down roads less travelled to who knows where.

This glorious uncertainty can inform and delight as it leads to unexpected destinations. It sheds light on the broader interests, character and demeanour of the authors. It helps me to get to know them. It scratches a curiousity itch. It makes time fly. It nurtures my curiousity of what they are like in their parallel lives outside the net.

There are those who are strollers, some who are ramblers, but in the thickets of EP, oh there I'm a forester.

Duchessforthright Duchessforthright
3 Responses May 24, 2012

...but in the thickets of law oh, there I'm a forester - from A Man For All Seasons.

Tonight my husband and I fell asleep after dinner, me on the sofa, him in his recliner...we slept until midnight...then I had many doggie duties to attend to before going on to bed...of course after all of my chores, I was wide awake..I have spent the whole night rambling around EP and I feel so richly blessed by my journey.<br />
<br />
* I am sorry to hear that you are ill, get well soon Duchess.

You are a beautiful rambler with interesting stories;)

Oh I thank you, feeling any better yet dear? Did you ever find chicken soup? that like a lumberjack?<br />

Cut it down..nope...cut it out.. Try again, Lilt;)