I have been sneaking around Fungirl reading her stories and blogs, she is such a great person to hear from her likes and tributes to the sadness and loss that happens to her.

So I stalk her and let her know how much I value her as a friend.

mtvlm mtvlm
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17 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Some how it gets hard to get past that 2 am thing. Right?

I used to. Not any more.....

LOL PBR.<br />
<br />
You probably party all night chris.

i don't get that insomniac stuff. i am a sleeper, and it takes almost an earthquake to wake me up....

LMAO, so is the life of the insomniac. It does allow one to accomplish more lol

Stalk, spy or don't sleep?

Plus since she like never sleeps.

It is so hard to be subtle when she is got so many spies here. HA

mtv... i think we need to work on the subtle thing....

LOL, more stalkers. I just love Stalkers

Cool...The more the easier the search.

Okay... it's the three of us...

What the hell I'll tag along too! =)

Now wouldn't that be a treat. To actually see all of her.

Maybe more... who knows???

Come on Chris lets sneak around and see what all we can, maybe we will find a whole face shot of her. ;-)

Mind if I tag along?