February 5, 2013...

Bleah, 4am Syndrome.


I am wearing under a white t-shirt, a white lace camisole.
Under my sweat pants, and orange shorts, a black lace panty.

As much as I want to wear them again, I didn't wear my heels today.


Black eyeliner on the bottom rims of each eye (pay attention to my eyes, not my tired bags below damn it!)

Maybelline Healthy Minerals lipstick in Healthy Rose
On top is a layer of L.A. Colors Pink Frost

Yes I am out in public like this, I don't have a computer at home. Anyone who says anything gets reamed.

Anyway, that is all from me! Ta ta...

♥ Amy ♥

amytheinvalid amytheinvalid
26-30, T
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sounds good

You sound gorgeous Amy,and good luck to you xxx

So does that mean if Isay something you will ream me? I might like that as long as you go all the way. Hubba Hubba

Means anything stupid or discriminatory. And worst case scenario-the finger.


Hubba hubba? lol-ol-ol-mfao

You're a little bit out of my age range, but thanks for the compliment.

Well let me see. I can still function. I can still look like a lady. I can still use my orifices to give pleasure, so how am I out of your age range? You would let me enjoy to wouldn't you?

Well, you drive a hard bargain. But I've never actually have sought anyone over the age of 44. lol

I've done the whole cougar dating thing-it never worked out.

I've also never had sex of any sort. A virgin, probably permanently, given my luck.

Don't know cougar so I don't know exactrly what you mean. 26 - 30 years and never had sex? That's a new one. Permanently is even more confusing. Datine on the other hand I know. Now the question arises are you aware that I am a bi crossdressing male? Just wondering. You have given me much to think about. Please keep in touch and I will do whatever I can to help you.

Cougar dating is when a man goes with an older woman.

Yes I am well aware. I like the one photo of yourself that have uploaded here. Although I am curious to see what you look like wearing black pantyhose, like I do, and absolutely love.

It wouldn't matter if was born with a penis or vagina. My luck in love, as well as all aspects of life, will most likely keep my virginity unbroken.

I will keep in touch. The fact that you live in the range of 2,000 to 2,400 miles from me (2.5 days in a car or about 2 weeks on foot, 6 hours in the air) makes it a little bit harder for me to keep in better touch.

Anyway, gotta post more stories, you will love them I'm sure.

Well your virginity wouldn't have a chance if we were neighbors and the one orifice I have that is still virgin would probably be gone with the wind also. Yes 2k to2.4k is quite a distance almost insurmountable. Please if you do deceide to make the trip don't go on foot.
I am sure I will like the stories to, and am looking forward to them.
As far as the black panty hose goes just look at my pic and imagine the white is black. lol

I can imagine it, but would rather see it. The latter is better than the former.

As for the trip, I just happen to know how much distance I can cover in an hour, and if I did walk, that would be the amount of time it would take at minimum.

And to Hell with my virginity. And which orifice?

lol don't answer if you don't want to.

I'd rather you see it to but you already know the problem there. I have many colors of tights and love the color choices I have. Many times I will wear a lac pair of panty hose over my tights and it gives it another layer of sexy.
I wish the minimum for you would be to walk across the street and invite me to your house. That's what would make me the most happy.
Well I'll tell you which orifice if you tell me all your virgin orifices. Fair enough.

I don't mind answering one bit.

Any orifice you can list, has never been touched.

In fact, my rectum is the tightest you would probably ever come across.

Even occasional diarrhea is difficult to excrete because it is so tight.

And as far as your tights go, from one person to another, were all different. No judgment no stupid crap. I'm one hundred percent free of corrupt thinking.

Not sure what you meant in your last statement about tights.
Next to much information. Don't need to know about diarrhea. lol
Tight I can understand and I probably am to. That is the cherry orifice.

One: Every person has different tastes, is what I meant. I just would wear black.

Two, I'm not even sure where I'd go with anal sex. Or oral. it's all new options for me.

Well if you read my stories you know I have been out there some. Not an expert by any means but like that sort of stuff

In the meantime, I can only hope that some things start falling into place. But right now...the only thing I have going for me is maybe possibly having the means to change things on a small level that will start a domino effect to change things on a much larger scale.

However, that does rely entirely on Fate.

Not sure what you mean but go for all you can and have fun to.

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