Happy Ending

After over 30 years of marriage, I am now on my own and truly loving every moment of it. My husband presented me with divorce papers and if I could, I would tell him that he gave me the greatest gift the world could give. I could no longer deal with the lies and the deception on his part. Now, I don't have to. I now know what is going on. He is so angry because he thought he had a maid for life. Well, I stayed at the dance far too long. My expiration date had long since passed. I stayed 30 years too long. I knew 6 hours after the wedding that it was a mistake. However, like many, we stay for the children. He threatened to take them out of the country many years ago and so I stayed. If you have to stay because of the threats, you are definitely in the wrong place. However, I have spoken to my two adult sons about this and they said I made the right decision to have stayed when they were young, however, they are totally supportive in my leaving 5 years ago. A statistic I read says it takes one year for every five years you have been married to recover. I think that is quite an accurate statistic. When we are in the midst of crisis we believe there is no hope. However, I now am beginning to see the rainbow, and what a beautiful rainbow it is. My best wishes as you begin treading in turbulant water. The waters will settle and you will be amazed at the "new" person that surfaces.
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Wawo i am happy for u i am going to get free after 20 years and i begin to find old me and its wonderfull so i wish u also all the best

Thanks for sharing your happy ending. It gives hope to us all who are taking that leap of faith into being on our own again after long marriages. It's scary to negotiate uncharted waters on your own but you have to remember what you are swimming away fromand just go for it!