Divorce After 26 Years

my husband wants to divorce me, force me to sell the family home my kids have always and still do live in, there 25, 22, and 18 years old,  its all my fault he says, we dont sleep together, because he snores very loudly and keeps me awake all night, we never have sex, we dont hardly no, i had an hysterectomy several years ago and very rarely since then do i get any kind of feeling, want or need, i also have multiple sclerosis, tired is not a good enough word to describe how i feel after working allday at work, housework at my lunchtime and starting again when i get home, i.e cooking, washing, ironing etc, he isnt and never as been the most loving man you could meet or supportive either for that matter, how i feel doesnt come into it, im unreasonable and he not putting up with it any longer he said. i can live without him if i have to but this house belongs to our kids its there home, were they were born, i dont know what to do, he keeps telling me find somewere to live, when i ask what about your kids he said they are not his problem anymore. can he force me to sell ? i even asked if he would sign the house over to the kids, its paid for and its their inheritance, he said no i want it sold. what can i do.     

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3 Responses May 27, 2011

Go see a lawyer.

I am going through the same situation with my partner of 19 1/2 years. I helped her build 2 business' that she had liked and worked in our business' and raised our 2 boys who are 11 and 14. She started seeing another woman 3 years ago and wants to move her into our family home with our 2 children. We have been having problems for a long time because she feels I only care about the kids and have never cared about her. I am exhausted trying to make her happy and it is never enough attention. We are now sleeping in seperate rooms and I am so lost as to what to do and how. We have talked about divorce and have really had nothing in common but the kids for most of our time together. I feel so lost because we have sooooo much debt and really cant afford to keep this house and so we will be forced to lose this one and seperate. She doesnt want to give me anything and said i should "go get a job and she wants to keep the kids even though I have been the primary caregiver while she was the primary breadwinner." I dont have money to leave and dont want to leave my kids. This is so confusing. I have asked to go to mediation so we can talk things over with a 3rd person there but obviously I dont know if she will do.

I feel for you because I am going through a bad time too, I have been married 27 years and am fixing to go back to TN and leave his butt in MS, We do not sleep in the same room and he has changed so much in the last 2 years that I can'r stand it, he said he did not want me to work and now he blames ,e for not having a job, I am 47 and have to find a way to support my 22 year old disabled son and 15 year old daughter. He says he will help, but I doubt it, He changes with the wind