Dear EP, I prefer to live solely on my own terms, not a follower, I never have been. I am original in all my glory. There is nobody in this entire universe who is like me, so i had better stop worrying about what its like out there, im not just some mindless heathen in search of finding someone to love..or am i? Oh wait, that person is me, whom I shall love. My life now is consisting of learning new things, since i dont spend my time with others anymore. i guess im turning into a hobbit. Better term that a sociopath, that makes it sound so serious. Which, its not, i just Enjoy my alone time..kind of sort of..im adapting..slowly. Veddy veddy slowly. So in which case, I shall dance upon thine own cloud and not answer to another soul ever again. Be gone with you! 
dontneedanyoneortwo dontneedanyoneortwo
18-21, F
Apr 21, 2011