Starting The Journey Of Helping Others

Hello my name is Carl Whitmore. I am 23 turning 24. I was born in everett washington. my family
was really supportive of me growing up.  there was me my mom my step dad and my brother.
now wait a minute. you left out your birth father. here is the thing, when i was born my
father was a controling abuseive man. he abused my mother. physicaly and emotionaly.
i often ask myself who would do that to a lady so sweet and dear like my mother. my mom
is a wonderful lady she is my best friend. without her i would be lost. its as though she
knows my needs even though at times it maybe hard for her. she has never quit on me.
my stepdad is also a neat man as well. he was there for me when i went to school.
all i have known is him. so yes i have a father. a man who loves me for who i am.
my brother is 6 years younger than me.  i am the oldest. for the longest time there
was tension between me and him. it hurt the family so much. my actions against
him were not only mean but hateful. time and time again i ask the lord to forgive
me not only do i want to be for given. but i want to start a new relationship with god.

many of you may ask what do you do for fun. i am a singer. i have been involved in so many

perfomances its hard to count how many i have done. but yes music is my life.
i often think that i must have played a big role with music. before thyis earth. i often
think wow music sure brings people togather. sorry i am jumping from one thing to the next
being who i am i tend to do that, but talking about bringing people togather i now would like to share
my project for Ap peer mentorship.  peer mentoring  and helping others is what i like to do.
here is the program in a nutshell. i want to take those that love people. that want to make
a diffrence in their community. and share other resources with people in need.
i will give them all the training they need. i will offer free online courses. that i have
researched. and will give them the tool they need to help others. if need be
i will give them their own phone number, and directions on how to make a email
address. and thats it so people helping people.  i will also be working with nonprofits. to
see if they can help to give these volunteers computers they can use.

well thats it for now stay tuned as i talk about growing up with disabiltys in my next segment. thankyou and stay tuned -carl whitmore

apcarl2010 apcarl2010
Aug 9, 2010