Well, Lilt and I saw a genuine need for a support group for us gurus out there.  It's hard being a super genius sometimes so we should all get together and wallow in our greatness.

ReformedAutomaton ReformedAutomaton
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6 Responses Mar 18, 2009

haha...thanks man! Maybe you could read some of my more recent comments on the 'atheist/christian arguments are funny' story. It'll get your blood boiling again before you know it!

Wow, RA such a quaint yet nice way to put it up there ^<br />
"can't express like long bus people", that cool.<br />
I know I might sometimes make "goody goody" references about you, but damn that's a fine way to look at it.<br />
Or maybe I'm just not in "*******" mode yet today, only had one bad...should be up and proper soon enough ;p

haha....hey the short bus is filled with brilliant folks. You guys just can't express yourself like the long bus people. I work with short bus folks so I've got a keen perspective on them.

It's okay, LeOn.<br />
We understand.

We support each other, LeOn. <br />
Do you think we would be leaning on some ordinary person?

You've done a great service here, RA. <br />
Being the keeper of such great knowledge can be a burden sometimes. Gurus need a place to go for support.