College Admissions Essay

Why I Want To Earn My College Degree


Jon D. Palomba

"Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom." - G. W. Carver

In my leisure (which is sparse as of late), oftentimes I sit and think about the road I've traveled in life. It was paved beginning with my birth on May 10th, 1980. And so began the long, arduous journey through time and experience, from ignorance to maturity, to today. As a child, I remembered thinking how amazing both of my parents were. My dad, in a word, was "Superman". My mother was the embodiment of kindness, generosity, and love. I owe everything I am and everything I have to the time, effort, and investment they've put into me all these years.

I remember the day I turned 18, my father who was never overtly sentimental or poetic in any way said to me:

"Son, you're free as a bird, but remember to always make yourself a soft landing so that you may fly away always."

I didn't understand at the time what those words had meant. I believed he was either at a loss of something to say or simply recited words from a Hallmark card that were kept in some far recess of his memory until required for such an occasion. It took me 13 years of moderate failure, shuffling my feet, and poor planning to understand the implications of what those words conveyed. A soft landing. What that means for me today, is a college degree. My soft landing. It's something I will always have, something that cannot be taken away from me, something tangible, something real that serves to represent as an intellectual and academic banner of achievements. It means to me that I'm worth X amount of years studying Y amount of subjects that cost Z amount of money. A college degree means a brighter future with greater possibilities. It means my parent's hard work and dedication paid off. It means having the necessary tools to tackle the world, armored with education and wielding knowledge as my shield and sword.

Why do I want to earn my college degree? I believe I deserve more out of life; more opportunities, more freedom. I want to honor my parent's investment in me. I want to ascend above banality, and become financially successful. I want to give back to the world what I've taken from it, and do my part. It has taken me 31 years to reach today. And today, I want to begin the journey of my successful future. Some would say I'm something of a "late bloomer". I disagree. It has simply become time to make myself a soft landing. I'm ready to fly.
TheDarkTower TheDarkTower
31-35, M
Feb 10, 2012