Leaving My Childhood

I'm nervous about starting my first year of college next month.  I almost feel as if I am saying goodbye to my childhood...leaving behind all the innocent things of my youth.  I'm not ready to grow up, to be able to step out into the world all by myself.  I'm scared that I will fail, that I will not survive.
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It will be the time of your life if you plan well!

I think it's important to study, but to keep fun in life...I made a good amount of friends through the freshman activities I don't know if your college adds you to it...but most of all I joined (you could any) ballroom club and fell in love with the people there....I never thot about it but they are truly great people to get along with cuz they have to same interest. But always put your studies before...A lot of frosh make that mistake. You will find it hard to follow most likely, but once you get in the rhythm of classes, you will find a good way to take notes; I recommend at least one class joining a study group because that is how I found a good way for notes...Always check if you will actually use the book for the class because there is no reason to buy an expensive book w/o a use for it lol

i'm starting college too! ur not alone!<br />
good luck!!

I think it is completely natural and normal to have feelings of anxiety and self doubt before a big life change; however for myself, the key thing has always been to have a positive attitude and confidence in my ability. Change is never an easy task, but at the sametime it is something that you will have to encounter more and more as you move on in your life. I know this is a bit dated, but hope your school year is going well!

its normal.<br />
i think its important for you to remember that you carry your childhood with you always...and though..yes...you ARE entering a new phase...it will be just as wonderful....<br />
you will grow with each experience and after all of it is done you will look back and be amazed at all you have accomplished.<br />
keep your head up. =]<br />
<br />
look forward to this grand phase...take it all in...experience...and enjoy.<br />
<br />
this is not to say there wont be hard times...or "bumps" along the road...but that was is expected in life....in my belief...it is what adds a little spice...and opens are eyes to grander things...things we tend to forget or do not realize in the midst of average days filled with routine.<br />
<br />
..i think im just rambling now...lol<br />
<br />
greet the future with open arms...theres so much to look forward to!<br />
<br />

me too, im starting a colege in england were i feel more scared since Ive lived in china and spain for my whole life..lol..,<br />
But, you know that once your there youll make loads of new friends and everything will be ok, its just that first step,. <br />
good luck,let the love and light guide you to the eternall happiness that you trully decerve, stay strong and positive and I know you'll be fine and so do you deep down,.<br />
*Phoenix* x

I know exactly what you feel!<br />
I'm starting next month too and I'm so scared...<br />
Good Luck!!!!

Me too!