Taking A Risk

I am starting my life again. It may seem total madness to the people around me but to me it makes sense. I feel like I've done all of this, my whole life, for other people.
I'm chucking away a career that I've worked hard on. I know my reputation is outstanding and the reactions of those around me have shown that I am valued and respected.
I no longer care really what happens to me. If I need to sell my house I will but I'm hoping I can get a job doing something different. I feel like all these possessions in the world, I don't really need them. It's the pressure around me of everyone else saying I should strive to have them. I just want to live a simple life in beautiful surroundings.
It is scary, knowing that in a few months I'll be back to the beginning but now I've made the decision, it's taking forever to get there. I want to be there now.
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Do the simple,life begins there,you will be much more happier than before.

I will be there whatever changes that you will make in your life because it seems once you get into your 30's, its like pulling teeth out, if your going to do anything career wise or otherwise. I am starting to feel the same way in terms of what was I thinking of when I made my decisions. I think people around you will love you no matter what but they may just may be jealous of you for doing something so bravely.

Thanks :)

You go girl! :) It's really great that you're able to face up to reality like this, grasp the nettle and go for it; not many people would have that much courage. Be who *you* want to be, not what everyone else expects you to be, and never settle for less than the best. You know how they say you can do anything if you put your mind to it? Well, *you* actually can. Good luck, and take care. ;))

Wow. All the best! Let us know how it goes!!

I have had to do what you are doing. All my friends thought I had lost my marbles too. In hindsight it was singularly one of the best decisions I have ever made. I wish you well - all the best to you.

Thank you :)

I'm back at the beginning under different circumstances but I wake up lots of mornings glad that the pressure to keep everything going is no longer there. Good luck.

Thank you for your honesty & for sharing this. I am in exactly the same position. Terrified, relieved, optimistic & depressed all at once.......never had that combination of emotions before but I know its right....

Thanks EXACTLY how I'm feeling :) Good luck! x

Thank you. Sounds like you don't know what you want to do, only that you want to do it?
Thats me. I'm trying different things, some new, some more familiar & trying to retain some semblance of practicality. Most of all trying to persuade myself it is ok to feel how I feel.
Very difficult to do though.

Tell me more if it helps you but please keep in touch. x

I just know that I don't want to be working 24/7 that's not a 'life' for anyone :)

Which suggests you either are not happy in your career or there is no balance between those demands & your personal needs?

Yup...that's exactly what I'm saying :)

That is such a shame you couldn't find a way but I can empathise entirely with that sentiment. The trappings of modern life have a number of people deeply unhappy which is a sad indictment of our society.

Have you any idea what you would like to do? Travel, live in the outback, join the Navy.......just something totally different?

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I"ve done this a couple of times, too.....and NO regrets. The first time, I quit my job in Atlanta and moved to a an intentional Christian community in the sticks. I lived there about a year before going back into "traditional" life. Then eight years ago, I chucked everything again, married a wonderful man and his 5-year-old son and moved to the beach :). New lives are awesome!

Thats sounds amazing :)

I hear Newcastle Aus is a good re-start point? Oo

Tell me more ;)

Sunny. Warm. Beaches...... Me *wink*

I thought the address of that was....*checks info* Heaven? ;p

Nope William st :)

Who would've thought I'd go searching all the way to Aus for willy?

Lol good one.....

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I applaud and admire your decision. It's a very brave thing you're doing, but I'm sure that although at times it may be hard...you'll be more satisfied in the long run. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world, and hope it all comes together quickly for you. :)

Thanks for your kind comment :)

You only live once so they say...discover yourself first, find out what you like, make realization of your talents and gifts given by god or whoever you believe in, then map out the world in your mind and educate yourself in what you wish to accomplish and reroute everything you believe will screw you up, so jot down your goals and ambitions, your dreams, everything and you'll be sure on your way to a better future! :D

Thanks Lush - I think you should set up a life guidance service ;)

LOL I wouldn't dream of it. :P People have to learn how to council themselves first before giving advice to other people or even take it!

hahahaha...but that's why you'd be perfect - leading rather than telling :)

I'll think about it...:D

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Good luck on your journey. The hardest part is the first step. Keep us informed on your progress.

Thanks Jat :)