It's Never To Late

At the age of 54, I am "starting over". Packing up & moving on. I have 2 sons, neither of them are speaking to me. One because I asked him for $100 to pay the power company, (he earns around $100,000), the other because of his girlfriend (who gave him pills to kill himself with). This is the 2nd time each of them have kicked me out of their lives. Not gonna be a 3rd. My family is nuts, they don't like "my life choices", and my brother is just mean and hurtful. I have been living alone now for 5 years. I have often talked about getting out of here, but honestly never thought I would. I just have nothing to keep me here, in this town I've been in for over 45 years. I have no friends, they went with the ex, no family that is in anyway supportive, can't work because of a vascular condition, can't get disability, can't pay my bills, yada, yada, yada! I have always loved the country, thats been a longtime dream of mine, to live in the country and have a couple of horses. Guess what? I'm going to do just that. Let me tell you how.

I own my mobile home free and clear (btw-Im in IA), so I'm going to take a loss, sell it for what I can, fully furnished (I don't want to drag a lot of "stuff" around), which also means I won't take to hard a hit. I decided where I wanted to start over, Kentucky. Beautil, mountains, horses, exactly what I want. Went on Craig's List, checking under room/share. I could not believe it - I found 4-5 places, out in the country, 3 with horses at an affordable rent. All of them were furnished, I would have a bath and bedroom of my own, plus access to the rest of the house. I chatted wityh them all, and 1 woman fit the bill perfectly! Victorian home, my share od the house is 1500 feet (my mobile home is 924), 6 acres, with horses. Rent is affordable, furnished rooms, utilities included, and for a rent reduction I can do chores around the home! And we seem to be very compatible. I have done my research to make sure she is as she says, it's all legit! This is my dream come true. To go where no one knows me, therefore cannot judge. Where I can be myself and not someone else's puppet, no one to make me feel less than human. I get to start fresh. I cannot tell you how excited I am, and I am really going to do it. Nobody, including myself, ever thought I would. I am only telling 2 people where I will be, because I don't want kids or family ruining my peace with guilt or condemnation for living my life. And they would. I'm guessing it will take them all several months to even realize I am gone, really. Days and weeks go by here and the only person I see or talk to is my neighbor. I only have one slight problem. I have to get this mobile home SOLD! NOW! I'm afraid if it doesn't sell quickly, I might chicken out. Maybe I should sell to a broker?! Worth considering.

So to any of you considering making a move like I am, take the plunge! Give yourself some happiness in your life. It feels so good!
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you go girl

Good for you! Sounds like a dream come true. Don't chicken out and I hope it's everything you desire.- Sunny