We Were Basically Homeless

I lost my job in March...one too many doctor's appointments. My husband had lost his job in September of 2011 and wasn't able to land another one so he went back to school to change his career. He still hadn't graduated when I got fired, but we had a little saved, so we didn't panic. However, I was showing and no matter how many interviews I went on, no one wanted to hire the pregnant lady. We got evicted in June- we gave away all of our furniture (we didn't think to put it on craigslist until it was too late). We stayed with a friend for a few weeks, but 3 kids and one on the way can stress a friendship. They gave us a week to be out so I had to call my parents and ask for help. We found a motel close to everything we needed and we walked everywhere or caught the bus. My parents paid for a month and told us we would be on our own after that. The cash assistance wasn't enough to make ends meet, no unemployment benefits, the program we were in was basically an unpaid internship to pay for the cash assistance we were receiving...but we were trying to stick it out because the program sometimes landed people really great jobs or graduated the participants to a paid internship that could lead to a permanent job. 9 months pregnant, walking miles each day, and 3 kids piled into a hotel room. The week before I had my daughter I began to get restless. I desperately felt the need to find us a place of our own. I was near my due date and I didn't want to bring my baby back to a hotel room. My husband received a letter stating that he was accepted into the paid internship program, we were just unsure of the start date. I found a 2bedroom townhome that had a great move in special and asked my mom to pay towards it instead of paying another week on the hotel room. We sold our last valuable items to come up with the deposit. We moved in with no lights and a day later I went into labor with our fourth child. I had a c section because she was breached and came home to no furniture and no lights, but was so happy to have a home again. A friend of ours had our lights turned on the day after I came home from the hospital. My husband started working and after a few weeks we rented a truck and got a house full of secondhand furniture from the Mustard Seed. We have started over in more ways than one. I write this because I never want to forget what 2012 has taught me- to be greatful for each new start and to always give the honor to God for turning my whole life around and letting us start over.
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You are so brave!

God will help and give us what we NEED... Will hope for a brighter future for us.. If he brings us to it, he will bring us through it..