Where I Am

A moment of happiness...one fleeting moment worth a thousand words.
Willful captivation, someone silently wonders why and shakes their head.
They all know what they would do in her shoes.
They all think that they could "do it better"
And that they would never sink that low.
Moments like these give her strength
Inner peace that lasts through the hurricanes and they typhoons
That sweep through the walls of their home.
Moments like these carry her home with a smile
That lasts through the torrential waves that crash against her
When she walks in the door.
Wishes things were different, but accepts how they are.
Part of having peace is not throwing a tantrum
Everytime things aren't ideal.
Not losing her personal worth because of cutting words
Things left unsaid and actions left undone.
Just because he is blind to it doesn't make it inexistent.
Some doors will open, others will close
And patience is beautiful and poetic.
b4realz b4realz
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I strive for that patience. I am finally in the system for online classes....I hope to soon be on my way without losing my own peronal self worth before.