Simplified And Lost

Well boys and girls it's like this. I was that kid no one thought would settle down there was always some thing shiny to chase and I did love to run.Plus dad was a preacher so I had a rep to uphold. But when I was 20 ( lol every one was shocked ) I met T she was 21 and worked with me. It was wird when I first met her there was this little voice in my head kept telling me to run and fast but she asked me out and I sed yes the first lil bit was great we partied like well 20 year olds. Then we moved home and I got to meet my two step suns it was the last thing I ever wanted and I was so happy there where set backs we split up 2or 3 times we both did and sed things I worked the texas oil fealds so most of the time she stayed home and did the mom thing I was gone to much but I wanted to give her a good life and for a time did well but the thing is that the life she made was hers after ten years together I couldn't even tell I lived in my own home there where other things to The scars of wrongs past.But through it all I loved her and I think she me. Even when we sed enuf there was still love there but love in it self is not enuf we made a life together but it was not the life I wanted and I was not the man she wanted. so now I'm 30 and in truth have know idea what to do with my self for 10 years I worked to give her the life she wanted it seems I forgot what it was I liked to do iv lost my wife, boys and carear.ganing a plate in my spine and time to kill I know what I don't want but have know idea what to do next its like waking from a dream to find u slept away 10 years and now must relurn how to live of corse that's more than a lil simplified but it's the simple truth and I'm waching the sky's for a good strong wind hears hoping
Azlander5000 Azlander5000
26-30, M
Feb 5, 2013