Truly Lost Everything But Hope

I started with nothing when I left home. My parents had disowned me. I was moving from one Holiday Inn to the next, spending some nights in my rental car. In a span of seven years I managed to save for my house, three nice rental properties, two luxury cars, and a five years of an emergency fund all this in my twenties. It was surreal. I finally was able to get acceptance from my family.  Than my sister cameto me for some help. She needed money to open up a sushi restaurant. We had a crazy idea. To hydro grow marijuana.

We never have been in trouble with law. The plan was just to get enough money for the restaurant. We took the risk. I paid for the equipment plus all the expenses for four months the time it took for the first grown. Long story short we got busted twice. All our banking accounts and cars were seized even though we made no money from the venture. Our parents bailed us out of jail. Some of our  good friends paid for our high price attorneys. Who couldn’t get any of our stuff back! My sister lost her job because the cops arrested her at work. Her college degree is worthless now because she has a felony record. I myself with the same charges plus a passion of cocaine charge received probation and a 90 days sentence to a half way house but no criminal record. Go figure!  Now I’m older and back to square one. I’m determine to get everything plus more back…hopefully sooner than later!

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It sounds like you learned your lesson, I hope you find the strength to forgive yourself for the past and move on. I am frustrated with my situation and realize that mistakes happen and you gotta move on.

the whole drug thing is silly.....grow a weed and lose it all....go to a shrink and get hardcore drugs for a price...i don;t do want to smoke a joint...fine with want to demonize it and make it expensive....then suffer the consequences....we have a war on drugs...except we prescribe harsher stuff to kids with adhd.....go figure you have an entrepreneurial spirit..find something and win again!

Defiantly so MtnDawn.<br />
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Thanks for everyone's comments

Look at it this way.<br />
"They" can take everything you own, house, car even your health but "They" can never take your education, knowledge and if you don't allow them to take your hope, you will succeed!

wow...great words Deepsea. Thanks!

I keep telling myself the bright side of it is no jail time for either of us. I am for sure going to take bigger risk and if I don't get everything back I'm gonna die trying. :-)

It makes for one hell of a story anyway. I think it would be a much bigger loss to live a whole life without at least one 'scarface' story to tell your grandchildren.<br />
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As for the 'sooner than later' part, i think you are pretty aware that 'sooner, sometimes translates to 'not at all', if get too impatient with a lack of means to your end.


and the moral of this story is!!!, that taking a short cut doesnt always work out to be the shortest route after all!.