Not Feeling Loved

I have been trying to change some things going on 2 years not.  Some things I have changed.  I am married and I have know one to talk to.  I have been talking to my Lord and Savior but I have been disappointed.  Whom I am married to doesn't want to hear it.  He is to busy working on his business which is a good thing, because he is thinking about the future.  Sometimes I just need the attention.  He thinks that I am trying to control him but at the same time I can be told things about a situation before it even happens.  Now he is going over to his play sisters house.  I never met her.  I talked to her one time.  He was trying to force me to be her friend.  I don't want to be her friend.  I don't trust her.  I told him that if he goes there will be a seperation.  He doesn't cheat or mistreat me or anything.  I know in some cases its me.  we don't have sex.  He doesn't understand that the way he approaches me to have sex with him there is no caring.  Last time we did something I felt like trash someone from off the street.  I tried to explain it to him but he didn't want to hear it.  I was going to show him how he came to me which he has been coming to me I don't like it.  Then he gets on the phone and makes some calls and calls his play sister to set up a date for Friday which I work.  Isn't that special.  I don't think that I am going to do anything on our anniversary.  Don't feel it.  I will keep to myself I will not share anything with him.  I won't be a bother. He will not have to worry about me from this point on.
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Thank you very much. You know things have actually gotten better. Pray and talking to God and talking to my husband then making changes within myself has helped. Thank you all for the love and the support happy holidays

I have been talking to my Lord and Savior but I have been disappointed.<br />
When I hear that kind of chatter, I know I am going to find failure.<br />
<br />
You are looking for the easy way...and It don't exist. <br />
<br />
Bah...end it and let your old man go.

you are young enough to start again. i am starting my life over at 33, as the person i should have been from birth. you can do it, it's scary, but have faith in yourself. you deserve better than being a back-up for someone else in the emotional way. even if your husband is not having a sexual affair with this woman, it's most definitely benefitting him in some way otherwise he would not be around her. when i stopped thinking about my ex all the time and starting thinking for myself life got a whole lot better. i am still friendly with my ex partner but i now have more time for me. good luck. :)

Sorry to hear.. Best wishes and God Bless !!!

before you find god ... please find you, start understanding you,(your marriage thats your deal) <br />
we are talking about you, once you start understand why maybe, you make the choices you do,and thats when we can change our life,right? ... love you first then the rest will come,right? smile

I hope things get better for you.

I'm sorry but I'm not familiar with the term. What is a "play sister?"